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choolfrok : Is it possible to backup selected programs by copying the files from the c:/program files and from c:/ program data and also the registry keys for that program and then pasting them back after i've reformatted my pc?
What if I copy the files associated with that program from the system 32 files also?

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sBRwdShx : Yes and no,

For simple programs that can work but you are better off just reinstalling them.

Sometimes programs add files outside of their own directory (e.g. system32) and make changes to the system that you can not replicate by just exporting the programs registry settings.

What you should do is reformat , install all the programs you want, install all the updates and backup your computer . This way you can return your computer to an almost ready state when ever you want, after that you would just allow your programs to update.


It would then work with more programs but how will you know what it copied over to that folder? You would need to monitor the install of the program and recreate the process. At that point it would be less work to just reinstall the software or find the silent install flags for that software.

Now if settings are the issue you could backup the reg, install the software and then restore the reg and all your settings would be restored (works for many apps)
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meslefectra : Thought I posted this already also emailed them and I think they said no its fine
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CobyStoll : Cashed money into my bank looked at the reciept and found out they paid more money in than i cashed. What will happen next??
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Erick Teagarden : you let it sit. and do not touch that extra money
banks always find their mistakes. it could take a day. it could take 6 months.
deposit checks from now now. just a better thing to do.
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1mannequind : You can spend it and they can't do anything about it as it's their fault.
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QRmillsFW : I am really furious that Bank of America has opened me an account with out my authorization. I walked in one day to cash a check but since i don't have an account with them, one employee offered to opened me an account, i told her not right now but i will think about it and give her a call. She was extremely pushy and asked me why dont i give her my license and social security so that when i am ready, she will have my info ready, so i told her that i am not ready to open but she can go ahead and copy my IDs incase i decide to open with them. Well, she kept calling after that and i never picked up. Somehow i get mails and that the account was opened, I NEVER SIGNED ANYTHING....and they sent me an official debit card and stuff........what actions should i take?
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Messcasehax : 1. Close the account.

2. And don't go to Bank of America to cash checks.
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zimpotencer : You should go in and cancel it and give back the debit card. They have a copy of your signature,
if they kept it, from the check you cashed.
This whole procedure could damage your credit score.
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camarok : You can do a couple things based on how mad you are.

First, you could go the easy, simple route and cancel the account. Get confirmation that it is closed. Return the debit card.

Second, you could go to the bank and tell them the account was not opened by you and request a copy of all account documents. There are forms you MUST sign (required by the Patriot Act, plus many internal forms) to open an account. They should be able to provide any documents you signed. Many banks keep these electronically stored these days. If they cannot produce a document that shows you signed something to open this account, advise them that you are filing an Identity Theft report with your local police agency.
Take whatever minimal documents they provided to your local police department and request to file an Identity Theft report. Advise them of the situation and provide copies of any documents you have, including copies of any correspondence sent from the bank (including copies of any "welcome" letters, copy of the debit card, etc). They should file a report for you and will hopefully follow up on it to find out how the account was opened in your name.
If the bank employee opened an account in your name without having you sign the appropriate forms, not only did she most likely break her company's internal policies, but also most likely broke state laws as well as federal laws.
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