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fertonsothe : im like looking for a program that i can open up on XP and then it opens up in a new window and i can run mac os programs. any free programs that allow me to do that? i looked at this one called cherryOS but it costs $50!

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pydradannoplel : VMware player will allow you to install/operate another OS inside the one you already have installed. it works just like a program you would run
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malborosek : CherryOS is nothing but a ripoff of PearPC, which was open-source software that was abandoned after Macs switched to Intel processors. You can still use PearPC to emulate a PowerPC-based Mac and run Mac OS X, but it might be slow.
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monitautto : I'm very clueless about investments/shares/stocks etc, and I would like to know what is good to invest right now. I came across buying hotel shares while I was researching online.

Is there anyone here some what of an expert on this? I would like to know some opinions and suggesting as to what is a good long term with low not too high risk, with high return rate investment? thank you
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Gugawemilia : any investment is a risk. its better than buying a car in a finance now thats is negitive debt
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Tevyemalm : Is the hotel company making money? Do you know where to find this information?

Every heard the term "high risk high reward?"

Look, there are lots of investment opportunities. But before you get started throwing money around you may want to pick up a few books. Study the markets, be able to pick good investments on paper, then do the real thing.

Unless of course you are willing to just put it in a broad market mutual fund, index fund or ETF that does basic investing for you. You won't get rich tomorrow but they will make you money in the long run if you make sure they have a good track record.

If investing were easy, everyone would be rich. So if you are serious about putting investing into your own hands, then spend some time learning!

You may want to check out a book called 'Investing for Dummies' - it's just a basic book that will help you get your feet wet. Easily available on Amazon or through your local book store.
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GomiToido : Chase Issue

I deposited a check via the mobile app then a fraud person stole the check brought it to a Citibank 2 days later. Citibank will not tell me whose account it was put in or at which branch this occured. Chase took the money from my account and didn't tell me any of this was going on for over a month. Then Chase gave my money to this random thief because apparently the paper check overrides the online or mobile version. Chase fraud department will not help me at all and can not take any prevention methods to stop it from happening again. Legal authorities can not help me until I can get a location of the bank it occurred at so they can determine if it is within their jurisdiction.

Any suggestions of how to get my money back?
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melekdajre : Do you have to use real money to use kohls cash?
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kukusyomok : I'm a 14 year old freshman in high school and I'd like to make my own cash. I don't really want to work a steady job I don't even think I can. I live in a big city so can someone give me some ideas. I was thinking about raking leaves or something like that.
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freelife : Raking leaves is a good idea. There's also babysitting, mowing lawns, and walking dogs. If there's a teen listings page in your newspaper, put your name in it, you'd be surprised at how good it works.
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