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uphoxottose : I program in C++; however, I'm not a very advanced C++ learner. I still have to learn Virtual functions, complex inheritance things, and all... Putting this aside, I ask you: "Which API is easier to learn? QT, MFC, WinAPI? " Please don't suggest other ones, unless you strongly believe that it is BETTER that these I have mentioned.

Thanks in advance!
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Sweestlex : I'd have to answer QT, but it might be buggier.
MFC has been around forever, but it's locked in solid to Microsoft - no cross-platform that I know of at least.

This is a good link discussing your question:
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CobyStoll : which is the best bank to open an account to save money for college. which is the best bank to open an account to save money for college
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Actinnasniste : They are all fairly equal. Choose the one with the most convenient free ATM machines.
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Jeojeryceby : Depends. Best as in optimizing savings would be the savings or checking account that has the highest interest yield. These change from time to time.You can look up the current rates of banks and compare. That's easy and wont take much time but won't always make you the most money. However, you should consider other factors like how long are you saving for? Maybe a cd or some other fund or security would be best. Will you use this account only for saving or do you need an account that you can access easily? Online can take longer to get cash than the one down the street. Some accounts have fees or require so many transactions or cap transactions. I would suggest figuring out what you have, how long you want to save for and how much risk you are willing to take. If you are in high school, you should see if they offer any support I gathering information or make friendly with an Econ teacher, accountant, or anyone you know that knows how to manage money.
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kashtunica : a credit union
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Abigail_West_Virginia : I'm trying to send some fan mail to Japan but I live in the UK and they no longer do IRC's to get an autograph, so I'm wondering, can I just enclose about £5 instead? I can't really convert it to Japanese Yen cos I don't know how.
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sBRwdShx : I'm planning on buying the Dr.Dre Beats Solo at the Apple Store, and I was wondering if they would accept my money if I paid in cash? It's around $180 I believe
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Teensescexjax : Ask you bank.
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DopeHisepup : First off you'd probably get more and better answers for this off the personal finance or some other board. Anyhow, you can try getting a personal (signature) loan from a bank. Its little enough they might do it if they have a relationship with you. If you have a credit card you could probably get a cash advance off it (yeah, it'll cost you). Otherwise its going to have to be from someone who "loves" (or at least really likes) you. Plan B is to save up and get it yourself.
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