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anogeneInsals : most everything that is useful on my computer like iTunes, GIMP 2, Internet Explorer, etc. wont load. it'll start loading, but after a short period, it'll just gray out and say not responding in the top bar. The internet (google chrome) and minecraft both work, which i can live with (lol) but i'd like my itunes to actually start working again, as I have some music I'd like to listen to. any ideas?

and it has been a while since we took the computer in to a computer shop to get it cleaned up and whatnot.

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priendife : Can anyone tell me what this means; Your Temporary Card is now turned on. You can spend the funds on your Temporary Card.
You will not be able to reload, have cash access, or make international purchases.
Your Temporary Card is subject to the Monthly Charge.
Sorry I'm young and my dad got me this card and I have no clue what I'm doing with it :/ help please ? Thanks
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Alea_SPe : Unfortunately I am new to credit cards so my credit isn't very high, but I'm basically looking for a way to get about 2,500$ in advance, without having a huge interest rate to pay it back. I'm more than willing to be able to spare anywhere from 300-500 a month to pay it off. It's mostly just me not wanting to save, kinda an impatience thing. I have a very steady nice income so that's not an issue. Simply lack of credit, and unfortunately I don't have any really well off friends to borrow from or family members to cosign on credit cards. Suggestions and links please, thank you!
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AVodartDUTAS : Hi Jake..why don't you go with short term loan or caveat loan, for that you no need to pay huge interest. This also called as Instant Finance/Loan in Urgency which usually takes 24 hours to settle .And Basic Finance- an Australian based company deals in offering Instant Finance to his borrowers and consider all circumstances. So go for it and get rid of all your worries..have a nice day..
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goodevry12 : i called my loan company to track down my balance and turned out that my balance is already negative as someone put $20k cash on it last month. i never told them that it isn't my money i was kinda tempted lol. will they still find out about it? my hands are itching to spend the money as it was deposited a month ago
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vitalykim : Be honest with the bank and straighten it out, or it will come back to bite you in the butt.
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AvedaCleava : doing cash advance online is safe or not. doing cash advance online is safe or not
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