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murenlemshand : I recently got the Microsoft 2010 and something popped up saying you have 1 day left to activate it? how do I activate it?

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AnthonyCH : Your question is incomplete. There are several products that come from Microsoft and are labeled 2010. I think it sounds like you mean Microsoft Office 2010. If this is the case then you only had a trial of the product and cannot continue to use it without purchasing a license from Microsoft
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ZRSamuel : I operate and handle cash at a very large reputable fast food chain! today my till was $20 short and this is the second time it has happen to me in some months, with the same manager being present each time. My till is always consistently even or only off by a few cents. I know that I am not helping myself to money that does not belong to me, and I sure as heck would not risk the loss of what pays for my bills, on a moral basis or a professional basis. Cash control has been an on going issue lately, I can recall one morning before my shift my till started out $20 short than what it should have been, if I had not informed my manager, then I would have assumed the responsibility for the shortage.

Not only did I start out with a till that my GM assured me was right, I did not get to count the till before the start of my shift, a shift leader that was present last time my till came up a $30 short was again present this time. I did assume responsibility for the shortage last time, and I signed a write up that clearly stated next shortage was termination! Because I assumed that responsibility can the company in fact fire me, I just have that gut feeling that my GM does not have an honest manager. I know I did not take it, and the video can prove as much. I am not a thief, even at desperate measures, and trust when I say fast food will lead you down the path of temptation. I'm not foolish enough to be immoral or dumb risking it all for nothing. I also forgot to mention that this specific shift lead was running off my till while I went on break. What can I do to CYA, I know I should have been smart enough to know better. I don't want to get fired, but if I do then I deserve it.
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Grooimaar : Hi i'm currently starting a new street skateboard clothing line I have the best business plan ever and I have the most unique and different marketing strategy ever all I'm in need in is money I need at least 5 grand to start up with so I was just wondering if there is a site or anywhere I can go to to get an investment? or even a business partner would be helpful thank you :)
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coachoutletolkc : I paid cash for my house no mortgage. I had the home owner asssociation file for back monies owed $2,762.00 can my house be sold to satify a judgement or lien?
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othepledode : You can't sell the house until the lien is paid. They would have to foreclose on you to take it. Its doubtful a court would permit that for just under 3k. More likely they would just sue for the costs. HOA costs are not optional, you will have to pay it at some point. The longer you wait the bigger it will be.
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easecloda : I want an idea of my monthly insurance cost now that I have my license and a car. Here are the details

I'm male and 16 years old
I live in the North Hills outside of Pittsburgh (pretty basic suburbs)

The car is a '93 Pontiac grand am.
90k miles on the engine
I'm the third owner
Good condition with some rust just starting to form on the wheel wells
I am the primary driver
It is usually kept outside
Bought in cash for 650
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WheemiGacence : You forgot to mention: Will you buy the car in cash or finance it?
A financed car requires full comp and collision.
This can add thousands a year to premiums.
That's why you see high schools filled with old beaters that are bought in cash.
Also the deductible amount will make a huge difference.
$0 deductible or $1,000 deductible?
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natsupsense : Since the car cost only $650 and you paid cash, the only insurance you need is liability. Your annual premium could possibly be 3-4 times the amount you paid for the car based on age(limited driving experience). Good Luck and drive safely.
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