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Ocadevx : I wanna copy a few access files to a CD, but usually when I want to copy a film to a DVD I burn it into the DVD with an adobe program, do I have to do that to copy an access/word file into a CD or can I just drag it to the CD?

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HoisyLoro : I'm new to the stock market.

Here's a scenario: Say I have $500,000 to invest in the stock market. I want to invest in Williams Partners L.P. (WPZ)

The dividend is 3.45 per share. Is this per year? How much would I earn in a year?

Also, what is the difference between dividend and yield? Is it risky to invest in high dividend stocks?
So how much would I take home in a year?
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Escossebroods : $3.45 is what you will get every year for each share that you own. The yield is the cash payout so it is the dividend, However this is not technically a dividend. Master Limited Partnerships are required to pay out 90 percent of their taxable earnings so the partnership avoids taxes. The partners pay tax on the payout. Interest rates can affect the price of an MLP.
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SwonMentsMece : if you invest in a company and they declare a dividend of 3.45 a share, that means for every
share of stock you own, they give you another 3.45. you have the choice to cash out the dividends and take the money or to reinvest it in the co. as long as you don't take out the dividends and you reinvest it, you pay no income tax on it. you only pay tax when you sell and you made a gain on your initial investment. to tell how much you made we would need to know what you bought the shares of stock at and how many shares you got for the 500,000. any stock that offers a high return will have more risk.
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stuartfish : My daughter took it upon her self to use my ebay pay pal and didn't even ask me. She doesn't think she did wrong. Am I over reacting? I think she was being sneaky what do you think? She gave me the money after the fact and she's 15 years old.
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nunkCurpittee : She payed for it what's the big deal?
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elsebeth9 : If she gave you the money and told you then it's not being sneaky . Come back when she uses it and lies about it .
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csyez011 : No id be mad too but if she paid you back then I really dont see a problem yeah she may have been sneaky but what teenager isnt
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malborosek : I guess you could talk to her and tell her she should ask first before using anything that is not hers. Make sure she doesn't do this again! :)
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bystryzbyssus : She should have asked you first before ordering. What would you have done if you bought something that hadnt cleared yet and she took it upon herself to buy something and when everything cleared you were negative, or rejected for lack of funds? Having cash isn't the same as having "online cash" she was wrong. And immature. But at least he paid you.
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