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weireenry : Okay, so I've been browsing the Internet and have found out a lot of things about the Irrlicht engine, and have decided to use it using Code::Blocks in C++.
However, I cannot manage to actually produce a new Irrlicht project, because when I try to select Irrlicht's location, I'm presented with this to begin with: $(#irrlicht), which only prompts a global variable editor whenever I select $(#irrlicht) and asks me to define it because, I quote,

"In the currently active Set, Code::Blocks does not know the global compiler variable "irrlicht. Please define it".

Can anyone help me with this? I'm fairly new to C++ but I have scripted in other languages before.
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quegoglenossy : I work in a salon with 6 employees including the manager. One of the employees is stealing daily. When we cash out customers they often give us twenty for the $16 bill and walk out the door leaving us the change for a tip. When this happens she voids the ticket and keeps the entire $20 instead of just the tip. Three of us have witnessed it numerous times. One person told the manager and she refuses to do anything about it. I believe she is scared she will get in trouble as well. Besides the thousands she steals in this manner, she also never punches out for lunch breaks so she gets paid breaks. Again the manager does nothing. She is regularly late for work and was actually fired for this at one point. She claimed a medical condition for sleeping in and got her job back on the condition she provided proof from a doctor. Never happened. She also leaves early nearly everyday with or without permission. I'm at my wits end. I'm so disgusted that I think about quitting every day. Any suggestions?
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paxilelavill : Sounds like your manage is just another scumbag. Nothing you can really do unless you can contact the owner of the store. i'm sure they wouldn't be to pleased with losing money.
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Kuolermef : The best way to approach this would be to join forces with the rest of the staff and confront the manager. Tell her that you will all quit unless she fires this employee and you need to set a deadline date and stick to it. Your other option would be to go over the managers head and talk to the salon owner. Again, it would be best if it were presented by more than just you.
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UglyLloydlty : why doesn't apple spend it's 60billion excess cash?
1) increase overall wage?
2) give out dividend?
3) Reinvest into company (R&D)?
4) Increase their treasury stock?
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poosquepailia : Delta Company recorded the following:
Interst Expense$0.00
Net Cash Flow from Operations$348,461.25
Tax rate34.00%
Determine the Net Income after Taxes.
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Petertymn : MMy calculations show:

EBIT is earnings before interest and taxes. There was no interest expense, so $362,450.20 is your earning before taxes. Tax this amount at 34% ($123,233.07) and subtract from $362,450.20. You get $239,217.13.
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kedduadwaytum : I need to send my son some cash, can I put it into his bank account through paypal or is this not possible to do ?.
Also if it is possible how long does it take to process into his account.
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celpancelialk : Only if he has a paypal account too.. He'll be charged a % though. You can always send him a money order or check VIA Priority mail through the post office. It'll cost about $5.00 and he'll get it in 2/3 days.
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chistazgf : You can put it in his Paypal account, but he then has to withdraw it to his bank account.

A bank transfer would be a lot simpler and probably quicker - all you need are his bank details and you can do it online, by phone or at any bank.
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