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geickmstam : javascript code for floating box and bluring the background..used usually in the start of the website as an advertisement..example at the start check the box that asks for the city..please help

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Moruiteryinara : ITS AMAZINGI found this for you.
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EduKui-Heru : (a) contributed capital from shareholders
(b) profits retained by the company before tax is paid to the government
(c) net cash retained by the company before any payment for dividends to shareholders
(d) profits retained by the company after payment and provision for dividends, and after any transfer to and from reserves
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Kibsteesy : for a company, retained earnings represent:. for a company, retained earnings represent:
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meslefectra : Thought I posted this already also emailed them and I think they said no its fine
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margaretihartmanl : Look, I know online loans aren't safe but, there has to be something that I can get quick and safely! I've already borrowed money from friends and family and got cash advance but that's not cutting it!!!! I need help!!!
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TrurlNismmish : If you have outstanding payday loans right now the last thing you need is another such loan online. Payday loan firms usually lend out no more than $300 or $400 on short terms.
Sell or pawn valuables.
- There are tons of loan scammers online and Craigslist. Don't fall for any advance fee scams where they promise to give you a loan after you wire transfer them an up front fee. Any loan firm that sends you a realistic looking check with instructions to wire transfer part of it back is also a scam.
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Cryclorgo : My aunt gave me a check in my name for $50. I was wondering if i can just go to a local check cashing place and exchange it for cash. They might ask for id but the only problem is all i have is my college id. But its really fuzzy can barely see my face. Another problem is on the check she put my family name not my last name. In my family we have different last names. But people refer to us by my dads last name.
I have a bank account at chase but i dont have a state or drivers license
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hiegululnenny : College ID isn't good enough don't you have a driver's license or state ID if you did you could open an account at a credit union. Check cashing places charge so much for cashing your check that you could leave the 5 dollars required in a credit union and be ahead of what you'd have after cashing your check.
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JanBarend : You will need your aunt to give you a new check with your legal name. Assuming you have money in your account, Chase should cash your check for free, but they will require a state issued I.D. and for it to be made out properly. (the payee of the check is you i.e. same name. Having a different last name is an issue.)

A misspelling is not an issue but a different last name altogether is a problem.

I'd ask your aunt for cash.
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