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DubsLoorb : I set up many computers and I have to change all of their internet explorer settings. I'm a CS Major so I can write many different languages except I don't know how to write code that interacts directly with Internet Explorer. I know one way to do it is by using JAVA's Robot Class so please do not suggest that. Is there a file that holds all these values for the settings? Is there a bash file that I can write to set all the settings? Is there any way to automate the setting the values in Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security -> Internet -> Custom Level?


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Wetepaimi : Those settings are stored in the Registry. A registry script could change the level. You could write two scripts one to set and one to restore the levels.

It should be under:
HKey_Local_Machine > Software > Microsoft > Windows > CurrentVersion > Internet Settings.

The easiest way to discover which keys need changing is to find a Registry Monitor tool which takes a before snapshot and an after snapshot. Take a before snapshot, manually change the settings, take an after snapshot and then see which values changed.

The keys will likely be under Zones and ZoneMap as they are the keys that control the Security Zone levels.
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Zonentigesatt : Why would you want to keep it from the government? Well, how else can a man stop an ex stealing all his cash?
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mokundegrc : Hi,

In any business or charity the director/chairman is logged onto a public database. Anybody can find out who the boss is. Contact Companies House, or the equivalent if you aren't from the UK.

I hope this helps.

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dsyez007 : Miller Design Studio's July 31, 2011 trial balance is presented here:

Miller Design Studio
Post-Closing Trial Balance
July 31, 2011
Cash $22,480
Accounts Receivable 5,000
Office Supplies 3,660
Prepaid Rent 1,600
Office Equipment 16,320
Accumulated Depreciation?Office Equipment $ 300
Accounts Payable 6,280
Unearned Design Revenue 600
Wages Payable 720
J. Miller, Capital 41,160

During August, the studio engaged in these transactions:

1 Received an additional investment of cash from J. Miller, $20,000.
2 Purchased additional office equipment with cash, $4,700.
7 Purchased additional office supplies for cash, $540.
8 Completed the series of designs that began on July 31 and billed for the total design services performed, including the accrued revenues of $800 that had been recognized in an adjusting entry in July, $1,400.
12 Paid the amount due for the office equipment purchased last month, $3,000.
13 Accepted an advance in cash for design work to be done, $2,400.
15 Performed design services and received a cash fee, $2,900.
16 Received payment on account for design services performed last month, $2,800.
19 Made a partial payment on the utilities bill that was received and recorded at the end of July, $140.
20 Performed design services for Rave Department Stores and agreed to accept payment next month, $3,200.
21 Performed design services for cash, $1,160.
22 Received and paid the utilities bill for August, $900.
23 Paid the assistant for four weeks' wages, $4,800.
26 Paid the rent for September in advance, $1,600.
30 Paid cash to J. Miller as a withdrawal for personal expenses, $2,800.

1. Record entries in journal form and post to the ledger accounts the optional reversing entries on August 1 for Wages Payable and Accounts Receivable (see adjustment for unrecorded wages on page 116 and adjustment for design revenue on page 119). (Begin the general journal on page 5.)
2. Record the transactions for August in journal form.
3. Post the August transactions to the ledger accounts.
4. Prepare the Trial Balance columns of a work sheet.
5. Prepare adjusting entries and complete the work sheet using the information below.
a. One month's prepaid rent has expired, $1,600.
b. An inventory of supplies reveals $2,020 still on hand on August 31.
c. Depreciation on equipment for August is calculated to be $300.
d. Services performed for which payment had been received in advance totaled $1,300.
e. Services performed that will not be billed until September totaled $580.
£ Wages accrued by the end of August, $720.
6. From the work sheet, prepare an income statement, a statement of owner's equity, and a balance sheet for August 31, 2011.
7. Record the adjusting entries on August 31, 2011, in journal form, and post them to the ledger accounts.
8. Record the closing entries on August 31, 2011, in journal form, and post them to the ledger accounts.
9. Prepare a post-closing trial balance at August 31, 2011.
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Sleeryrub : Hypothetical, of course. Because shoplifting is immoral and very juvenile.

But okay, 2 girls go on a shoplifting spree, and take, I don't know, let's go with $500 worth of merchandise and walk out the door. The LP stops the girls and tells them that they need to go back into the store because he knows that they have stolen goods. These girls, knowing that between them they committed a felony, take a chance and book it the heck outta there. They obviously get caught, But before they do, they both stash their bags full of stolen good...except one of the girls forgets she has a very cheap item in her handbag, that poor unlucky girl. So they're arrested, The cops spend a long time hounding the girls about the bags they dropped, saying they'll find them whether or not the girls co-operated. But they play dumb.

Next day, the girls go to court and are told that if they do x amount of community service, then the case will be dismissed, yada, yada, yada. Now the girls happen to know for a fact that the bags were never found by the cops. And later one of the girls gets a lovely civil demand letter in the mail. Actually, she gets 4 of them. Saying pay $500 in cash, credit, debit, or check and they'll leave her alone.

I've got a few questions.
1) If both girls were arrested for this crime, why is only one of them getting the letter?

2) How likely is it that the store would actually bring her to court?

3) If they brought her to court, could they include the unfound merchandise as "damages" or just what was found? And if they could, how would they come up with a monetary amount?
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Timd84 : The following balance sheet for the Los Gatos Corporation was prepared by a recently hired accountant. In reviewing the statement you notice several errors.

Balance Sheet
At December 31, 2013
Accounts receivable 84,000
Inventories 65,000
Machinery (net) 220,000
Franchise (net) 40,000

Total assets$459,000

Liabilities and Shareholders’ Equity
Accounts payable$60,000
Allowance for uncollectible accounts 15,000
Note payable 75,000
Bonds payable 160,000
Shareholders’ equity 149,000

Total liabilities and shareholders’ equity$459,000

Additional information:
1. Cash includes a $28,000 bond sinking fund to be used for repayment of the bonds payable in 2017.
2. The cost of the machinery is $240,000.
3. Accounts receivable includes a $19,000 note receivable from a customer due in 2016.
The note payable includes accrued interest of $15,000. Principal and interest are both due on February 1, 2014.
The company began operations in 2008. Income less dividends since inception of the company totals $49,000.
6. 50,000 shares of no par common stock were issued in 2008. 100,000 shares are authorized.

Prepare a corrected, classified balance sheet.
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