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affispase : my brother works for a moving company and a client gave him a couple of business laptop that are actually locked and i cant get into do i break the code and get into it?
its a latitude D620 laptop

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ZDlxre : There are 2 types of password protection hardware and software. if is just a windows password this easy just reinstall windows if it hardware or bios is very hard you will need to replace a chip on the moherboard.
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Ionillsiz : if it's a bios password it's very difficult you need to open the laptop up, if it's a windows password there are many crackers available in the internet
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creecurry : you could try using the "NT password editor"

make a bootable disk with the program, boot from the cd drive; the program allows you to change the local administrator password
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DjoMalyshev : I just did a Google search and came up with:

They discuss how to remove the BIOS password which involves removing the CMOS battery. Have a look and see what you can find.
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evanpc19i : She didn't know she had an outstanding bill and has been on her gap year? Is it possible for me to pay of her council tax bill as i have seen that she has a warrant of arrest on her.
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BabFibShooria : Yes.
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EMPIPSADVERSE : Yes you can but it won't stop the warrant for her arrest.That is a completely different thing.
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loyalsecils : Ofcourse you can pay off her council tax bill. The council are only interested in money, money, money. As long as they get it they don't care who pays it. You can either give the cash to your daughter and hope she pays it over to the council or you can pay it at the council yourself. Make sure they remove the warrant for her arrest after you have paid it. These days councils are manned by total morons so it is quite likely that you will pay off her debt only to find she is arrested anyways for it several months later because the council forgot to remove the warrant for her arrest.
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Actinnasniste : They are all fairly equal. Choose the one with the most convenient free ATM machines.
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