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jajidmeu : Scanner with a only numbers code
I need to implement a scanner in a process to make it a little faster, my only problem is that is possible that the tag with the barcode gets ripped from the article to scan, although there is a small tag inside with a only numbers code (Not a barcode), can a Scanner reed only numbers code?

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suskorast : my boyfriend of 3 years stole checks from my roommate and cashed them using my debit card at the ATM. He told me they where checks from his mom. i would never have thought anything else than that he was telling me the truth. when my roommate asked about her missing checks, i had no idea where they might be. the next day, my roomie was missing hundreds of dollars from her checking and the evidence shows that my checking was used for the transactions. What do I do to prove my innocence if I need to? do I press charges? do i file an affidavit? HELP!?
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theomarttesqarxvd : Ooh ... not a good scenario. (I have to wonder if your boyfriend used drugs. The scenario in your question is *exactly* what a crack cocaine addict would or might do. I knew a guy that did this exact thing. He stole checks from some woman he knew and had his sister write in the amounts and then he cashed them. He even got me for a few hundred dollars.)

At any rate, hmm, this all did get transacted via *your* ATM card. I think the best way to solve this is that you and your roommate need to go to *her* bank in person (or maybe she could just call). The way to expose the thief is to have her bank review the video camera recordings where and when those check cashing transactions took place at ATMs. Your boyfriend, if he appears on those tapes, may well be looking at some serious jail time. Banks and the police are not big fans of bank fraud, of course.
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priendife : Can anyone tell me what this means; Your Temporary Card is now turned on. You can spend the funds on your Temporary Card.
You will not be able to reload, have cash access, or make international purchases.
Your Temporary Card is subject to the Monthly Charge.
Sorry I'm young and my dad got me this card and I have no clue what I'm doing with it :/ help please ? Thanks
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MotGymnloyano : I have to send 1000 $ cash to the Philippines, should I go to my bank to do this? Or any bank it's fine? I mean I don't really know how to do it with machines so can someone at the bank do it for me? What about the MTCN number? Should I tell the recipient about it once I got the paper?

Also, how much do they tax me on 1000$ and how much time does it need to be sent to the Philippines from the U.S? Is it there any preference I should be aware of before they deliver?

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Isabella_Washington : I have just realised the apr is 25% and not 17% as told to me. My card is 0% interest so think I can pay it off cheaper this way.
I was told you cannot pay credit with credit but I am within 14 days so just choosing another credit option- am I right?
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creecurry : By law, you cannot do this.
They will not allow you to pay a loan with a credit card.
Many have tried. Many have failed.

There are ways such as a cash advance.
The 0% does not apply to this. Cash advance rates could be double regular rates.
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toitiedykix : You can always transfer a balance try wellsfargo I think they have 0 apr right now
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igoroldtemkin : the only way you can do this is through a credit card offering of 0% that comes with checks for the card. you cannot pay off a loan amount with a credit card. see if your existing card has an offering of 0% by calling the customer service dept. on the back of your card. another alternative would be to open a new credit card that has a 0% apr for 18 months if you qualify. what is the current balance on your existing card, if 0 as it should be you have a good chance for either option.
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