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Plaidedem : Yesterday I got hacked on Facebook they changed my number and email so now I can't recover my account it was suppose to send 3codes to my closet friends and one of my friends didn't receive the code so I couldnt get it back :( now he's sending a whole bunch of msgs and shit ... And I want my account back and I tried phoning Facebook and it was closed and I tried to phone the cops to see if I could charge the guy who hacked him Fucking hackers I wish they would grow the fuck up lol ><

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jiniaSown : Working out would be welcome :) full marks awarded

4. Six years ago your friend had borrowed $150,000 for a ten-year period at an interest
rate of 12% p.a. with interest compounded on an annual basis. She has been making
regular annual payments on the loan and now wishes to repay in full the amount
outstanding on this loan. The total amount she will need to repay is closest to:
a) $80,634.
b) $88,058.
c) $95,879.
d) $106,191.

5. The state government has just fined the University of Sydney for breaches of the fire
regulation act. It has offered the following payment options to the University.
Assuming that the interest rate appropriate for the University is 10% p.a. and all cash
flows occur at the end of each year, which payment option should the University
a) $150,000 per year for the next five years.
b) $400,000 at the end of year one and $200,000 at the end of year two.
c) $550,000 now.
d) $850,000 at the end of year five.

6. BFF Ltd has decided to draw down a 180-day Australian bank accepted bill to meet its
short-term liquidity needs. The company’s bank charges an acceptance fee of 1% p.a.
and a $2,000,000 bank bill is drawn down to yield 6.0% p.a. The net proceeds received
by the company are closest to:
a) $1,922,523.
b) $1,932,660.
c) $1,942,523.
d) $1,952,386.
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ZRSamuel : I operate and handle cash at a very large reputable fast food chain! today my till was $20 short and this is the second time it has happen to me in some months, with the same manager being present each time. My till is always consistently even or only off by a few cents. I know that I am not helping myself to money that does not belong to me, and I sure as heck would not risk the loss of what pays for my bills, on a moral basis or a professional basis. Cash control has been an on going issue lately, I can recall one morning before my shift my till started out $20 short than what it should have been, if I had not informed my manager, then I would have assumed the responsibility for the shortage.

Not only did I start out with a till that my GM assured me was right, I did not get to count the till before the start of my shift, a shift leader that was present last time my till came up a $30 short was again present this time. I did assume responsibility for the shortage last time, and I signed a write up that clearly stated next shortage was termination! Because I assumed that responsibility can the company in fact fire me, I just have that gut feeling that my GM does not have an honest manager. I know I did not take it, and the video can prove as much. I am not a thief, even at desperate measures, and trust when I say fast food will lead you down the path of temptation. I'm not foolish enough to be immoral or dumb risking it all for nothing. I also forgot to mention that this specific shift lead was running off my till while I went on break. What can I do to CYA, I know I should have been smart enough to know better. I don't want to get fired, but if I do then I deserve it.
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RolandoPH : Another project requires an upfront investment of $175,000. Your boss
would like you to create a table that s hows the impact of various sales growth
rates and selling price growth rates on the Net Present Value. You are to
assume that there will be eight years of cash flows from the investment. The
first year sales are assumed to be 1000 units at a price of $105 per unit. The
selling price is $105/unit dur ing year 1. The variable cost per unit is assumed
to remain at $42 for each of the next nine years. The fixed costs are $13,000
per year. Your boss wants you to calculate the NPV for annual sales growth
rates of 0.0 to 0.1 in increments of 0.01; the selling price growth rate range is
0.0 to 0.10 in increments of 0.01 (i.e., 1 percent). The cost of capital is 15%.
Construct a two-way data table to generate the results.
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Spovergorry : I made a spelling mistake in the title of bank draft i.e Pay to "University of westren ontario,canada" instead of "University of western ontario, canada". Western is mis-spelled in the title. What should i do now? I am worried that now is it possible for university to withdraw this amount or not?
Looking forward to some banking expert guidance.
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kikskoks : I'm sure they can. It's not that far off.

Misspellings are pretty common these days.

For instance, although not a "misspelling" --- Western Ontario, Canada should have been capitalized - not written with lower case for the first letter.
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schulerkhee3 : It'll be fine - don't worry - happens all the time.
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DrAmbrroose : If you still have the bank draft and proof that you purchased it, the bank should replace it with a corrected draft. That said, in the US, it is normal to overlook obvious spelling errors and process the draft as is. For example, my name is Steven, but I have cashed checks payable to Stephan (same last name) without any trouble.

Note: The name of the PAYEE is not the title. If the draft were drawn on the University of Western Ontario, and that was misspelled, it would suggest the draft was a forgery.
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