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Molinotuse : I have to add subtitles to 20 full-length movies for screening in theaters. And doing the subtitling manually in After Effects is very time consuming. What I want to ask is, can anyone guide me through here: I have an individual excel file with time codes for every movie. Is there any way to create a PNG sequence or a transparent .avi file from these excel files (or any other text based file format)?

I have Adobe Master Suite CS5 and Final Cut Pro 7.

Thanks in advance.
@How would I know

Image sequence is kind of a movie format. Even Adobe Brigde identifies the image sequences as movie. So having an image sequence = having an .avi file. And its even better than .avi because its not compressed. Thanks for your time though.
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VTOVJJ : Creating a series of image of the text wouldn't be overly difficult, you'd then have to create your AVI from the series of images.
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RicyKcn 571 : I am going to Canada and have been saving quite a bit of money up and I wanted to exchange it here before I went over there. Is it possible that I can go to my local key bank to exchange it for Canadian money?
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Prongedge : That depends on what bank you have and were.

Most US banks don't carry Canadian currency. Those near the border, in extremely large cities, or Canadian bank branches in the US usually can. If you bank doesn't have Canadian currency on hand, they can usually order it in. They may have minimum amounts and the fees can be fairly high.

However, you don't need to exchange cash for Canadian money to visit Canada. You can exchange US money in Canada or just withdraw money from a bank machine in Canada -- your bank or credit card will work fine. Many places in Canada will also accept US cash and you can always pay with a credit card. You'll pay a $2.50 (or so) fee for withdrawing cash from a Canadian ATM, so you typically only want to do this for large withdraws.

I would recommend... take $100 US cash with you. When you get to Canada, find an ATM (at a major Canadian bank) and withdraw $200 to $400 Canadian. Pay for anything over $20 or so using your credit card. Pay for anything under $20 with Canadian cash. If you really want lots of cash on you, bring a lot of US currency and just visit a currency exchange and exchange the US cash for Canadian.

I personally don't like carrying a lot of cash on me, but your call.

Finally, before leaving you should call your bank and credit card company and let them know that you are visiting Canada. Some companies will freeze your card(s) if they see suspicious activities -- including unusual usage in another country.
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JanoNease : Almost all banks in Canada carry some US currency on hand, I'm not sure if all Banks in the Us carry Canadian money though.

I think you should call your bank and check if they have any, if not have them order some in, otherwise just exchange it in Canada at a bank there the exchange rate is the same in both countries, so don't worry about getting a poorer exchange rate.

Whatever you do, don't spend your American money at Canadian stores, some do accept it, but they offer HORRIBLE exchange rates (like 1 US dollar =90 cents CAD) regardless of the actual rate.

Enjoy your time here in Canada :)
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HoisyLoro : I'm new to the stock market.

Here's a scenario: Say I have $500,000 to invest in the stock market. I want to invest in Williams Partners L.P. (WPZ)

The dividend is 3.45 per share. Is this per year? How much would I earn in a year?

Also, what is the difference between dividend and yield? Is it risky to invest in high dividend stocks?
So how much would I take home in a year?
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Escossebroods : $3.45 is what you will get every year for each share that you own. The yield is the cash payout so it is the dividend, However this is not technically a dividend. Master Limited Partnerships are required to pay out 90 percent of their taxable earnings so the partnership avoids taxes. The partners pay tax on the payout. Interest rates can affect the price of an MLP.
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SwonMentsMece : if you invest in a company and they declare a dividend of 3.45 a share, that means for every
share of stock you own, they give you another 3.45. you have the choice to cash out the dividends and take the money or to reinvest it in the co. as long as you don't take out the dividends and you reinvest it, you pay no income tax on it. you only pay tax when you sell and you made a gain on your initial investment. to tell how much you made we would need to know what you bought the shares of stock at and how many shares you got for the 500,000. any stock that offers a high return will have more risk.
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Tourcenpeno : Another project requires an upfront investment of $175,000. Your boss
would like you to create a table that s hows the impact of various sales growth
rates and selling price growth rates on the Net Present Value. You are to
assume that there will be eight years of cash flows from the investment. The
first year sales are assumed to be 1000 units at a price of $105 per unit. The
selling price is $105/unit dur ing year 1. The variable cost per unit is assumed
to remain at $42 for each of the next nine years. The fixed costs are $13,000
per year. Your boss wants you to calculate the NPV for annual sales growth
rates of 0.0 to 0.1 in increments of 0.01; the selling price growth rate range is
0.0 to 0.10 in increments of 0.01 (i.e., 1 percent). The cost of capital is 15%.
Construct a two-way data table to generate the results.
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meslefectra : I'm about to be 19 years old, and i have never had a job. I have no work experience.
I have applied to jobs, like Macy's, claires, hot topic, torrid, pizza rev, starbucks, target. and only one called back. I had an interview with pizza rev, and since my sister works there the manager knows her. And i am alot more shy than she is because my self esteem isnt as high as hers. I had trouble keeping eye contact and he pointed it out and compared me to my sister. I feel really crappy because i am sort of shy. But i feel like i am breaking out of that shell.

What are good places to start with? should i put baby sitting as a work expirience?
I babysitted my aunts kids for a while.
what was your first job?
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