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progressall : Hey guys

I've received a Roxio email containing a discount code for any Roxio Package.

I was just wondering, what package would be best for Video making and editing. I usually use Windows Movie Maker, but I'd like to make professional videos with cool effects and what not. Can anyone reccommend a suitable Roxio Package?

Thanks in advance

(p.s. it is not a spam mail, I am subscribed to Roxio news)
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xxldoctttibr : I am selling my lovebirds and i will be meeting with the person somewhere near by.

What is the most effective way to receive the money with out having to deal with fake cash or a check with no funds or something of that sort

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BreamsEasesia : The city San Fransisco has banned selling puppy mill dogs in pet shops, perhaps that same culture is behind San Fransisco Craigslist not allowing the advertisement of pets for sale, they do allow adoptions, with some transfer expenses allowed. allows pet sales, but gets about 1/5 the traffic.

Meet face to face and insist on cash, though just cutting out he Nigerians reduced most of the chances of bad checks.
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dypeadusYpe : I am a college student with only a part-time job. I don't have loans or anything like that, but I also don't really have credit. (no credit cards or anyone to co-sign) My fiance doesn't have good credit but makes enough money for us to pay rent and utilities and still live comfortably. Neither of us have ever had our own apartment. What are the best steps, after establishing our budget, to take in order to get an apartment together? Will there be a credit check for both of us? Will we need to qualify for the apartment separately? Should/will we have to both sign the lease? Will we have to pay more (security deposit, rent) because we are unmarried?

I am aware that I will need about 3x rent in order to move in initially and am completely prepared and budgeted for utilities, transportation, and other household expenses.
As much as I would love to continue living with family, I have no choice but to move out within the next year.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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qasaathkaqaas : have Money/Cash up front.

here locally - u will not be on the lease
except as a 'guest' as u do not make
enough to qualify.

as for 3X the rent, u both be eating In
with lots of beans/rice/spam.

reality is FOur times the rent as monthly

here for him to rent he needs
income of 1600 for a rent 400.
the past 1.5 yrs.

with no or bad credit, a 3 months of prepaid
rent will open the doors.
he also needs security deposits, application fees,
3 month prepaid renter insurance, utilities deposits
b4 the ink is dry and he get the key.
so rent 400 = 600$ more for keys.

the 3x the rent is great for poor folks but
not for folks who want to get ahead.

learn your local renter laws as they vary - greatly.
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ACCITTEER : The good news is also the bad news. Because it is the first apartment for both of you, you will need to find someone to co-sign your lease. So when you apply, get three applications for you each to fill out. They will do credit checks on everyone and background checks too. But because you need a co-signer your co-signer's credit will be the most important issue. So your challenge is more about proving to your co-signor that you will reliably pay the rent each month so the debt never falls on them. But understand that when you sign the lease you are committing to pay the rent every month through the lease term no matter what happens in your life. If you break up you move out, you still owe your share of the rent. If you lose your job, you still owe you share of the rent. If you get kicked out of school and move home, you still owe your share of the rent.

While you feel confident in your budgeting skills, you still need to leave room for the hundreds of curve balls that life can throw you. You need extra money if you lose your job or get hurt. You need money for speeding tickets, getting your car towed, lawyers, health expenses, gifts to others and dozens of other things that could come to exist. You may find that you will have to quit school to work. Who knows?

If its illegal for a landlord to require you to pay a larger deposit because you are unmarried.
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Molemejfvn : Hi. I am a 27 yr old single mother of 3 children. 2 girls who are 8 and 5, a son who is 3. I am homeless and from Philadelphia, Pa. I am staying from place to place with my children which is not sufficient enough for our living situation. I have to struggle to find a place for them to sleep every night. I been to every shelter in my area which have all rejected me because they do not have the space. We are clean and healthy, and I have all my prioritites, with the exception of housing together. All of my kids are in school and I am in trade school for Cosmetology, graduating October 2013. I do hair for the income I do receive on my own, I receive childcare from 7-6pm daily and receive $260 in cash and $600 in food stamps every month from DPW. Looking for a 2bdrm or 3 bdrm house/apt/squatter's opp. that I can live so I will not lose my children (preferably in W. Philadelphia). Willing to exchange work, cleaning, food stamps, all my cash and/or handyman services for a place to live. If any one has a helpful suggestions, donations, or an opportunity available for us please reply by email. I will check my email daily. Thanks in advance.
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EleneLymncype : So let's say I have a place and will take your food stamps in exchange what in the hell will you feed your children with? Where is daddy that you are not going after child support? Seems to me you need a full time JOB and finish school in the evenings. Oh and when you are begging for even more from the taxpayers think a little smaller like a 1/2 bedroom apt.

I'm giving a reality check but do you know how many people who are paying your way right now would love to afford their own2/3 bedroom house?

I applaud your school efforts and you seem like you are fully aware of the "system" so I guess you know all the tricks with section 8 housing.

ADDED what method are you using to access this site with?
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Savannah_Hawaii : Keep it up for another ten weeks. You will be finished and you will be able to get a job.

Don't offer your food stamps in exchange for rent. This can get you in trouble and you lose the food stamps.

Go to your local grocery store advertising pin up board. Start calling people who have apartments listed up there. Your story may be better with a private landlord rather than a company.

Good luck
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dsyez007 : Am I able to get cash out, from my Woolworth prepaid master card?
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