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BabFibShooria : I'm trying to learn how to dynamically add components to a VBA user form, add new code dynamically, and then run the code. John Walkenbach's book "Power Programming with VBA" covers this topic in Chapter 28 "Manipulating Visual Basic Components", but I can't get the examples to completely work.

I have no problem getting the code to work to add new objects to a form. I also don't have any problem getting InsertLines to add dynamic code to the form's module. The code appears in the form's module, just like I'd like.

So the command button shows up on the form and the Click Event shows up in the form module and looks like this:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
MsgBox "Hello"
End Sub

But when I click on CommandButton1, it is like Excel doesn't even know I've written a Click Event for the button. I've made sure to reference the Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Extensibility library. And I made my changes to the macro settings to trust access to the vba project object model. But it still doesn't work!

Does anyone know why it isn't recognizing my Click Event? I'm using his 100 CommandButtons example and it just seems like something just was forgotten to be mentioned in the book or something. Either that or I'm doing something wrong.

I know this isn't the easiest of topic, but I'd greatly appreciate any help because I'm trying to use this concept to add more text boxes and combo boxes to a form in a VBA project that I'm working on. My complex form has 17 rows of objects. Each row enters a line of instructions on an Excel worksheet. But with 17 rows of objects, the form is getting pretty big. So I created a spin button to hide the first row and add a new row and move the rest of the rows up. Selections of the combo boxes bring up other forms to quickly enter data for making calculations and such. So when I add a new row, the new objects have to have event procedures that work to bring up the new forms. I've solved adding the objects, etc...just not getting the events to work. I've thought about creating a work-around just staying with 17 instruction rows and not adding any new objects and just storing the data to an array to work with for certain portions. So for example if I add an 18th row, the 1st row that would have gotten hidden would get added to the array. But that would involve completely rewriting major portions of my program to work with the array data instead of the form's objects. So if someone can help me out this would save me a lot of extra work.
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Oxymnlync : I'm in Ecuador, but my bank account is in the USA. I have about 8,000 in cash that I need to get to my bank account. How can I get it there. I have a friend who is visiting, and we thought about sending it home with him, but that seems pretty risky. I trust the guy, I'm just worried that customs will take it from him or something. I have a friend in Ecuador who has an Ecuadorian bank account. Can I deposit it in her account, then do a bank transfer?
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frontru : Consult with your local bankers, They will give the best idea.
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ANEMAINEE : Sources of Finance.
Estimates for the purchase of fixed assets needed for the Plymouth branch are:
Retail premises£90,000
Motor vehicle£18,000
Shop fixtures and fittings£15,000
Computer equipment£6,000
Monkhouse also estimates working capital needs of £68,000 for the first six months, to buy pattern books, samples for advertising and other expenses. The company has cash of £52,000 available.
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wernyc6 : Hi, just got approved for a basic discover credit card and I was just wonder what other people got as their limit when they applied just wanna have somewhat of an idea Ty

My credit score was 700 but just went Down to 680 bcuz I was using all of my available credit $300/$300
I'm 20 this will be my third credit card
1st is a visa no rewards 300$ limit
2nd is a amex blue cash everyday $5000 limit
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ylmkskevmzx : $500 was the limit on mine.
They raise it about once a year or so.

I hope you are not carrying balances on those cards.
Carrying balances is the fastest way to destroy credit scores.
Never dare do it.
Pay credit cards in full each month.

Know that 1 card is all you need.
More cards do not benefit your score in ANY way at all.
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colemiliClipsp : Mine was $750 when I was 18.
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Intassecheara : I sublet this place for a year and I have to move out as the lease expired. Each month I paid rent in cash. However, I often didn't ask for a receipt, and I only have a few receipts for the past year.

I'd like to get receipts but don't want to bother my roommates with 12 rent receipts to sign.

Can I make a combined rent receipt, covering the entire 12 months? If they signed would it be the same as 12 rent receipts for 12 months?
I need those rent receipts to prove my residency.
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