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Beskeragmasse : Im trying to put some photos up on a site but i dont want anyone taking them or saving pic as... does anyone know a code for it? it will help me in a big way!

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SemoHottdob : cash a tax rebate cheque. cash a tax rebate cheque
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lummnhkswcaax : deposit it in your bank account or pay to cash it
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alektomanq : a "hard money lender". a "hard money lender"
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Buyuielrkd : a person or company that lends their own money at
very high rates, 16+% for no more than 6 mo normally; ideal for

TRUE hard money lenders ask for no credit, no cash out of the pocket
of the HM borrower. Current HML are hybrids and wasteful.
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Miztiessy : a hard money lender on the "local " level will generally grant you as borrower a loan for 180 to 270 days secured by a lien against the asset. example you find a distressed property that is for sale, but you must place your bid and act with in a 3 to 7 day period. which would not allow for a more traditional mortgage.
do to the cheap cost of money by the federal reserve to support our incompetent politicians of both parties, hard money lenders have seen their income and fees drop, as has the interest they earn.
i have seen hard money loans at as low as 8%.
example you find a 100000 duplex which requires an immediate contract and close for 60000, and with in 5 days. so you enter into the deal with "the devil" and having secured the duplex, you seek out a traditional loan, having completed a small amount renovations and get tenants into there asap. that allows you to get a lower cost/longer term loan, maximizing your intelligent efforts.
Most of the time this transaction will be very small in the realm of commercial lending, being under $250,000.
local hard money lenders are simply pawn shops on a steroids.
Nationally there are in excess of 50 hard money/bridge also called mezzanine lenders,and asset based lenders, who lend to both individuals and business concerns. here the loans are in the 1/2 million to as great as 25 million.[and there have been many for more than that amount] sometimes for a very complicated transaction one lender will be primary lender, and other firms will join in buying what is called a tranche, or syndication share.
A hard Money Lender is not a FOOL, or if they are,the existence of the firm is very short lived. they don't do stupid risk loans. 95% of the borrowers have additional underlining assets which exceed the loan amount. and a history of finding values,that they make successful. The other 5% is new management "buying " a failing business OUT of Federal Bankruptcy Court Hard Money can be a lender of last resort, but most all borrowers need an immediate response, with a commitment to lend with in 72 hours. it is almost never beyond 24 months even with real estate as part of the package.
Factoring/Purchase Order Advance Firms, are like a first cousin to a hard money lender. they share a trait of immediate speed in doing the deal, have ample cash, and accept risk. but the product is very different.
Should you think that this is either illegal, [it is not] immoral [again no], or fattening [you can never be too rich] please apply your brain and understand something of Finance.
Major Commercial Money center banks do the same thing buying and dividing interest in commercial loan portfolios. the smaller up sell their loans retaining a portion and the servicing [accepting of borrowers payments and recording same]. and to defuse risk a bank in Ohio will purchase in to loans in Texas, and visa verse.
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zegreeDradaXT : my dad has an fha loan. he is selling his house and of course will have to pay off the rest of the house and he will walk away with a little chunk of money after its all said and done. I told him that whatever chunk of money he would walk away with I would give him straight up in cash and then he could just transfer the house over to me and I would take over or deal with fha. Basically he would be out and done with the house and now it would be my deal or responsibility of continuing the house payments. He just doesn't seem you can do that. he thinks he has to pay off entire house before any deed can be transferred. I just don't believe it. I think I can personal give him a chunk of cash and he could sign the house over to me. Oh, and the reason I want to do this is I really want to keep the house for the time being, but not sure about completely buying it because I may want to just slowly over the next year or so just do little house improvements and most likely sell the house in near future. I want the house but just don't want to buy it straight out. that's all. I want to give him equivalent amount of cash he would receive once he sells it, and then have whatever transferred to me in my name. once again, the main question is can this approach be done, or does the he in his name have to pay off the house before anything is done. sorry for any rambling. I just don't really know how to word everything perfectly
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enhartythedge : He cannot sign the house over to you if it's under a mortgage. You would have to buy the house from him OR he would have to re-fi the loan and add you. FHA loans are not assignable
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qunimei0003 : Depending on the specifics of the original loan and your finances, you may be able to do this. Your father would need what is known as an "FHA assumable loan." This means that if you are qualified to get an FHA loan for that amount, you could assume or take over the loan.

This may or may not be to your best advantage. Interest rates are LOW right now, and, if you could get a better deal elsewher, it might be best to just get a new loan yourself and buy it from your father.

You can avoid agent fees if you keep it off the market, and this could be a win win for you both. You could just create an agreement between you and your father, pay an attorney to help you with the paperwork, and get a loan.

I'd talk to a real estate attorney about your best options.
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beetryked : I work at dress barn and they only pay me 9 dollars an hour in Sacramento is there any other place in town I could apply for that would pay me more cash? I just need a job that pays more . thanks
I would even like to work in san Francisco maybe in vogue or something or if theres anything higher paying in sacramento
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