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ImmetleFake : My computer is running slow, so I am trying to clean it up. I am looking in Programs and I saw 'Driver Robot' listed. Can anyone tell me what this is and what is for? I do not think that I purposely put this on my computer. Is it safe to take off??

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coachoutletolkc : The farm will require an initial investment of $12.10 million. This investment will consist of $2.20 million for land and $9.90 million for trucks and other equipment. The land, all trucks, and all other equipment is expected to be sold at the end of 10 years at a price of $5.21 million, $2.36 million above book value. The farm is expected to produce revenue of $2.01 million each year, and annual cash flow from operations equals $1.87 million. The marginal tax rate is 35 percent, and the appropriate discount rate is 9 percent. Calculate the NPV of this investment
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Fotaanits : I love to save my money, everybody here in my house have ipad except for my mother, that makes her often borrowed my ipad. My ipad has a lot of dents. If i use my money to buy gold, the value will rise, and i will never sell gold except if there is something that really urgent and i need money, if i buy ipad i will give my old one to my mom since she doesn't want something new, if i give her the new ipad mini, she will definitely sell it, what do you think?
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Reittyengewem : I think the answer is clear. I would definitely invest some money in gold.
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Turammapeax : Buying a piece of technology is a losing proposition. They don't hold their value. With that being said, gold isn't exactly a sure bet either. The price of gold is dropping so if you bought gold today at $1,300/oz and next week it drops another 20% you've already lost money if you were to cash it in.

When you hear that gold prices are $1,300/oz they are referring to pure gold like gold bars. Jewelry, coins etc are mixed with other alloy metals like zinc or cooper...The higher the caret rating the higher the purity. 14k, 18k, 24k you get the idea.

Depending upon the amount of money, you may want to consider an interest baring account or a CD. Something that is flexible that if you need the money you can get it...Gold, annuities and homes are difficult to liquidate when you need access to the cash fast and you could lose money trying to cash out sooner.
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BurVar : I'm 15 and I started working for a restaurant a few weeks ago for the summer. They've been giving me double shifts (9-2, then 4:30-9) almost every day!! I told them I was not available on certain days but they schedule me to work them anyways. I'm working way too much and I never have any spare time for myself, I just wanted a part time job to make a little extra cash, not a full time job! I'm exhausted and scared to talk to my managers again, because I've told them numerous times I couldn't work certain days. They're understaffed and I'm so tired of it. I can't quit but I don't know what to do?
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othepledode : Quit
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enurmouse : If you are in the uk this is illegal and if or if not in uk it doesnt hurt to say no, they cant sack you.
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Gromisilsss : You" have to talk to the manager" and tell him you can no longer work the double or split shifts. He should hire additional people if he needs the extra coverage.
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enhartythedge : bars & coins
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