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phypewenteeko : Okay so I recently downloaded "Windows Live Movie Maker 2,011." and it works pretty well, except when I record a video from my webcam to windows movie maker the volume doesn't seem to function. I fixed the volume all the way on my computer and the program but I still can't hear volume. I'd appreciate if anybody answered this. thanks so much.

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TrubrelugSX : Last year two of my closest friends needed some cash but none had been able to use there card to take out a loan and me being a friend let them use my card and details for this. SILLY I KNOW AND I WILL NEVER BE DOING IT AGAIN.

Anyways, came to the end of the month and they didn't pay me the money they owed me which was around £200, they started ignoring my phone calls, id go to there house and they "were out" apparently, I would facebook them and all sorts but no answer to me.

I was on a part-time job and the Loan company took all my wages out in attempt to take the remaining balance of the loan which left my bank account overdrawn and then there was still payment left to the loan company.

I am now in debt with my bank and owe them money because of this!

I had been ringing the Loan company up asking for dates etc for payment but they couldn't tell me as I was the one who made the choice as to when I wanted to pay, so it was literally hit and miss with having money in the bank on time.

I read back over the website agreement and realized they are able to tell information to the person in whom the name on the loan and bank account is with, but they told me they couldnt? They didn't reply to my emails, and noone wanted to listen on the phone and was just told id have to pay up.

The loan ended up becoming £1569.76 and I was receiving threatening emails, letters and phonecalls. I tried explaining to the company I was on a part-time job and I couldn't afford to pay the full amount and if there was a repayment plan.

They then transferred my account to a Debt collecting business who knew nothing about the situation and were surprised at how I was treated by the previous company.

I googled the Loan company being MINICREDIT and had read upon numerous reviews and many had taken legal actions towards the company.

Now my problem is that I am on my last payment with them but I don't have a job atm as it was only temporary work and I cannot afford this. I have tried speaking to them and emailing them as I am aware this is a important situation and it has to be dealt with but they have just added a whopping £100 on top as I hadn't payed the last payment even though I contacted them before hand.

Question is:

I am so confused and upset that my friends could of done something like this to me. I am a decent person and would try my best to help anybody. Maybe being too nice needs to stop!

Thankyou x
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Accopidanda : No point telling the loan company that you borrowed money for someone else...they wont be interested, they just want the money and as much interest as they can from you.
Please talk to Sttepchange, they are online and will give you free advice about the debt and could even negotiate terms with the loan company.
Stop referring to these people as your friends, they are not and never have been.You could go to the police but you'd have to prove that they never intended to pay you back...if you have anything at all from them saying this then you have a case...otherwise nothing doing there.
You need to pursue them through the small claims court which you can do online for a small fee, maybe just a letter saying that this is underway will make them pay, but you may only be able to recover the initial amount borrowed.Talk to Stepchange about this as they'll know all the details.
Never ever lend any money unless you are perpared to treat it as a gift...friendships dissolve over money.
I'm sorry for your situation, there are plenty of good people out there who'll be good friends...hope you meet some x
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Kasyraisrurgys : Hi
I've heard a lot of good things about survey sites being a good way to make some extra cash. I'm not looking for loads of money but I find filling in surveys fun so it would be good to make some cash from it. What sites offer the best rewards?
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EXmira : Just make sure you know:
You might make enough for a McDonalds happy meal after 1 full year.
For this, you would have to quit school, and work the site full time.
(not making this up).
Know that many require you to accumulate 100 before you "cash out".
By the time the year has passed to get this, the sites shut down
Even if not, you get hit with a 25 processing fee to get your paymeent.

If kids could make even 1 a day on these sites, do you think any of them would work at McDonalds or Burger King?
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TripSeamHeera : Wow talk about cynical! The guy above is a real buzz kill. It appears you are not doing it right!
There are lots of forum sites out there with genuine success stories.
Jack the money saving expert has a great forum page full of great info on survey sites.
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choillLiels : I'm 15 and I started working for a restaurant a few weeks ago for the summer. They've been giving me double shifts (9-2, then 4:30-9) almost every day!! I told them I was not available on certain days but they schedule me to work them anyways. I'm working way too much and I never have any spare time for myself, I just wanted a part time job to make a little extra cash, not a full time job! I'm exhausted and scared to talk to my managers again, because I've told them numerous times I couldn't work certain days. They're understaffed and I'm so tired of it. I can't quit but I don't know what to do?
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noelleterrao : rid of the symbol $$cash from my portfolio. rid of the symbol $$cash from my portfolio
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