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carpinteyrotis : i had to wipe my computer and its not there anymore.
i tried to put in the dell application but it doesnt really do anything but install a powerdvd thing.
what do i have to do or what am i doing wrong

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kotelekokd : <a href= ></a>
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geksaccogoups : I currently have a very old Gold Cash ISA with Barclays.

According to statements, my "Credit Interest Rate" is 2.23%. I had exactly £6000.00 in my ISA in June and on the first of August I had earned £7.51 in Interest (by my calculations that's about 1.5% per annum). At 2.23% per year (2.23/12 = 0.18583% per month) I should have earned £11.15 in interest. What has happened to the other £3.64?

I can't find any information on what they mean by "Credit Interest Rate" in relation to ISA accounts (I can only find information on Credit Cards). I have also put exactly £3000 into the ISA in the 2013/14 Tax Year if that makes any difference on the matter.

A little help to let me better understand how the Interest on my account is worked out would be excellent!

Thank You :)
Interest is paid on the first working day of every month.
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Opeomernf : How often is the interest paid?
Is it monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually.

Over the period of the interest calculation did the amount of money in the account change?

Anyway it is usually calculated by the Average Daily Balance for the entire period times the number of days in the period times the daily rate (2.23/360 or 2.23/365).

If this does not help you find the extra money ring up Barclays and ask them.
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On Feb. 1, 2010, Hewitt Construction Company obtained a contract to build an athletic stadium. The stadium was to be built at a total cost of $5,400,000 and was scheduled for completion by Sept. 1, 2012. One clause of the contract stated that Hewitt was to deduct $15,000 from the $6,600,000 billing price for each week that completion was delayed . Completion was delayed 6 weeks, which resulted in a $90,000 penalty. Below are the data pertaining to the construction period.

2010 2011 2012
Costs to date$1,620,000$3,850,000$5,500,000
Estimated Costs to Complete 3,780,000 1,650,000 - 0 –
Progress Billings to date 1,200,000 3,300,000 6,510,000
Cash collected to date 1,000,000 2,800,000 6,510,000

We are supposed to compute the estimated gross profit recognized in years 2010-2012. My teacher likes to switch up the problem a little bit on us for the exam. He said something like "If its completely profitable than zero all the gross profit recognized at the end"...or something like that is scribbled in my notes. Any idea what this could mean? Am I supposed to wait to recognize profits until 2012? I have no idea.
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torgonitoh : With % of Completion, you recognize gross profit in the same ratio that costs to date have to projected costs, as long as there is a profit projected. If you see you are going to have a loss, you recognize that when identified.

So, for 2010, you have
Costs to Date 1,620,000
Estimated Costs to Complete 3,780,000
Total Costs 5,400,000

Contract Price is $6, 600,000. Since that exceeds your costs, you know you have a profit on the contract. The revenue you recognize is equal to the amount of costs incurred to date total costs (or 1,620,000/5,400,000 = 30%) multiplied by your contract price ($6,600,000). Total Revenue you book in 2010 is $1,980,000; you've booked costs of $1,620,000, giving you a gross profit of $360,000.

So, for 2011, you have
Costs to Date 3,850,000
Estimated Costs to Complete 1,650,000
Total Costs 5,500,000

Contract Price is $6,600,000. Since that exceeds your costs, you know you have a profit on the contract. The revenue you recognize is equal to the amount of costs incurred to date total costs (or 3,850,000/5,500,000 = 70.00%) multiplied by your contract price ($6,600,000). Total Revenue you've earned through 2011 (for 2 years) is $4,620,000, but since you recorded $1,980,000, in 2010, you only record $2,640,000 as revenue in 2010. In 2010 and 2011 you've recorded a combined $3,850,000 in costs giving you a total gross profit of $770,000 on the project ($360,000 in 2010 and $410,000 in 2011),

So, for 2012, you have
Costs to Date 5,500,000
Estimated Costs to Complete 0
Total Costs 5,500,000

Contract Price is $6,600,000 less 90,000 in penalties for being late, or $6,510,000. Now that the contract is completed, you recognize all your profit. That would be $6,510,000 - costs of 5,500,000 = 1,010,000 of gross profit for the whole thing. The revenue you record in 2012 is $6,510,000 - 4,620,000 (previously recognized) = $1,980,000. That results in the $1,010,000 of gross profit, of which $240,000 is recognized in 2012.

That's the math and theory. I forget the actual JE's, but I think you'll book entries in 2010 and 2011 to a Deferred Revenue account; the costs will be incurred and booked in a similar Deferred account, so that in 2012 it all closes into the Income statement and is recognized.
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pabby : I'm a fourteen year old girl without a job because most places won't hire people under 16 and my mom won't let me get a job until I'm sixteen anyways. I need a way to make quick cash because I'm saving up for concert tickets and my parents don't give me an allowance.
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Pyncsheence : Do the things that you don't want to do:

1. Charge people money to mow their lawns.
2. Help the elderly around their homes.
3. Offer to wash people's cars.
4. Make money recycling.
5. Sell things on Craigslist.
6. Dog walking.

There are many ways that I could teach you about making money online but since you're 14, you probably don't have a checking account and wouldn't be able to receive the money.
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mopHoomoHal : How long do you have? If you have a few weeks or so maybe you can sell used accessories on EBay or start a small business like making things and selling them to your friends. hope this helps.
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AnthonyCH : You can wash cars, collect aluminum cans, cut lawns, ask the neighbors if they need any help doing odd jobs, etc. This way you don't need to get a permit or permission from your parents.

Anything to make a buck - It can be a good learning experience for staying in school.
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