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eraractiorO : I am working with the ResistorClass Program. I am having trouble taking the values from Resistor 1 and 2 and putting them into resistor 3 with the function below.

void ResistorClass::AddSeries(ResistorClass Resistor1, ResistorClass Resistor2)

//New Resistor Value is the sum of the two

m_dResValue = Resistor1.m_dResValue + Resistor2.m_dResValue;

//New Tolerance is greater of the two

if(Resistor1.m_dTolerance > Resistor2.m_dTolerance){

m_dTolerance = Resistor1.m_dTolerance;



m_dTolerance = Resistor2.m_dTolerance;


//new Max Resistance

m_dMaxResistance = m_dResValue + (m_dResValue * m_dTolerance);

//new Min Resistance

m_dMinResistance = m_dResValue - (m_dResValue * m_dTolerance);

Please help me. It compiles perfectly. The Display Resistor and EnterResistance function work great.

When the program executes AddSeries(); in the main and then Display Resistor() the display comes out with:

"Blah" = -9.25589*061
"Blah" = -9.25589*061
"Blah" = "
"Blah" = "
"Blah" = "

I know that the problem is with the AddSeries function, because the other functions work properly. If you'd like to see the whole program just let me know.

Thanks everyone
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annemmartinp : Ok, so I have a ton of textbooks I am looking to sell and Amazon seems like the quickest option. However, I don't feel overly happy about putting my debit card online. Would it be possible to do it with a pre-paid visa? Also, after I have sold x amount of books can I get cash off of the visa? I would rather locally sell but I am getting low balled left and right and these books are worth close to what I paid.
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amitiardedo : I do cash method accounting for my small biz. I want to purchase bulk supplies at the end of the year that will be used for the following year. Do I need to write it off for this year or can I opt to write it off for the next year?
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aviatiogfs : See IRS publication 538.
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SeRviceFus : cash method is you report when you pay
what do you mean by supplies, is this inventory?
you may have a hybrid system if you maintain an inventory(generally the accrual method)
if this is inventory, you would have your beginning and ending inventories to determine your cost of goods for the year
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murenlemshand : auto-reinvest dividends or take cash and buy other stocks with it. auto-reinvest dividends or take cash and buy other stocks with it
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DjoMalyshev : no answer...all are depends on your investment strategy
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attinkMatrerm : Arnold Corporation has been authorized to issue 40,000 shares of $100 par value, 8%, noncumulative preferred stock and 2,000,000 shares of no-par common stock. The corporation assigned a $5 stated value to the common stock. At December 31, 2011, the ledger contained the following balances pertaining to stockholders' equity.

Preferred Stock$240,000
Paid-in Capital in Excess of Par Value-Preferred56,000
Common Stock2,000,000
Paid-in Capital in Excess of Stated Value-Common5,700,000
Treasury Stock-Common (1,000 shares)22,000
Paid-in Capital from Treasury Stock 3,000
Retained Earnings560,000

The preferred stock was issued for land having a fair market value of $296,000. All common stock issued was for cash. In November, 1,500 shares of common stock were purchased for the treasury at a per share cost of $22. In December, 500 shares of treasury stock were sold for $28 per share. No dividends were declared in 2011.

Prepare the journal entries for the: (For multiple debit/credit entries, list amounts from largest to smallest e.g. 10, 5, 3, 2.)

Issuance of preferred stock for land.
Issuance of common stock for cash.
Purchase of common treasury stock for cash.
Sale of treasury stock for cash.





Complete the stockholders' equity section at December 31, 2011.
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