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Flugsoors : does picasa photo editing program share my photos to the internet without permission

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launtailk : Anything you put on the internet is liable to be seen by a search engine - it's what they do. If you don't want it on a search engine or kept for all time by one of the internet archives then don't put it on the web.

BTW - Guess who owns Picasa? Here's a clue, it's the biggest search engine on the web.
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emettaste : An investment requires a lump sum of R50 000 at the beginning of the period, and an additional amount of R8 000 and R12 000 at the end of year four and five respectively. The nominal rate is 14% per annum and the investor receives a single cash payment at the end of the 6th year. By comparison, this investment is equivalent to another investment which bears a quarterly annuity of
R3 887,38 over the same period of six years.
The value of the respective investments correspond at the end of the 6th year.
Which one of the following alternatives, if any, is the effective annual rate of return on the quarterly annuity:
(1) 12,55% p.a.
(2) 11,97% p.a.
(3) 12,00% p.a.
(4) 11,46% p.a.
(5) None of the above
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Nazartymn : A company is considering investment in a flexible manufacturing system. The estimated cash flows for this investment are
N: 0, 1-4, 1-4, 4
Description: price of system, revenue per year, expense per year, salvage value
Cash flow: F0, 1,000,000 , 500,000 , 0
The company pays income tax at 35% and the allowed depreciation schedule as follows
Year: 1,2,3,4
Depreciation(%): 33.33, 44.45, 14.81, 7.41

Assume the MARR is 10%

What is the maximum value of the investment value F0 which makes the investment attractive using present worth criterion?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need help on how to start this problem. I'll be sure to pick the best answer.
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tatocuctuaply : I need help on this one question that I'm stuck on!!

Which one of the following statements about the payback method of capital budgeting is correct?

A. The payback method does not consider the time value of money.
B. The payback method considers cash flows after the payback has been reached.
C. The payback method uses discounted cash flow techniques.
D. The payback method will lead to the same decision as other methods of capital budgeting.

Please help!!
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Urgersspoolve : The house had central heating & air and electricity at one point in time, but it sat vacant for a while and someone stole the A/C unit and ripped most of the wiring out of it. Can a house like that be sold as-is, or is the seller obligated to replace/fix it?
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Pherrystory : You can sell as is, but you must disclose to the buyer & the buyer will have to pay cash since no mortgage lender will lend on it.
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AnneriaMice : You can sell it but for A LOT less money. Wiring and a/c will put 200$ in their pocket but will take about 3 grand+ from yours.
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lottililrom : the house can be sold "as is".
the buyer will not be able to get a government insured loan (FHA, VA, USDA, etc) on the home since these homes can't even have cosmetic issues.
the buyer maybe able to get a conventional loan, you will have to check with realtors to see if this damage is allowed.

The buyer can always pay cash for the property.
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Nibumer : Sure it can be sold. HOWEVER, without wiring, no lender will give you a loan. The A/C is not a requirement.
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