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browadonha : I know the dangers in overclocking a laptop. I just want know if there are any programs that would enable me to overclock this CPU. Right know it is a 2.2Ghz Dual-Core, I want to boost it to at most a 2.5Ghz. Thank you.

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StatlyAroro : today was my first day working at my local burger king. It was the worst thing ive ever had to go through..i was put at the cash register during rush hour and it was just a mess. i felt like i was slowing everyone down. and i was only trained for about 30 minutes at it. the customers are asses and it just makes me more stressed. any tips?
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bimnkvwqtzwe : Pretend to be nice even when you don't mean it.
Always smile at the customer, they dislike people with bad attitudes.
When they walk away tell your coworkers that the customers are pissing you off
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Booftoino : Can anyone help me with the following problem?

Portions of the financial statements for Alliance Technologies are provided below.

Income Statement
For the year ended December 31, 2012
Revenues $ 323,500
Cost of goods sold $ 181,200
Operating expenses 58,950
Depreciation expense 16,000
Income tax expense 21,800

Total expenses 277,950

Net income $ 45,550

Selected Balance Sheet Data
December 31, 2012, compared to December 31, 2011
Decrease in accounts receivable $ 5,600
Increase in inventory 14,000
Decrease in prepaid rent 8,100
Increase in operating expenses payable 4,500
Decrease in accounts payable 7,800
Increase in income tax payable 20,400

Prepare the operating activities section of the statement of cash flows for Alliance Technologies using the direct method. (Amounts to be deducted should be indicated with minus sign. Omit the "$" sign in your response.)

Thank you so much!!
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cronsonia : The formulas are pretty in depth so here's a link to them and how it should be laid out. It's fairly straight forward but it is tricky to get the amounts right, but this is very helpful...
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uvnlfcbi : Turner Co. owned a warehouse and then decided to build a new automated racking system in the warehouse. They
began construction of the systemon January 1, 2012. The project was completed on December 31, 2012 and placed
into service on 1/1/2013. Payments to the contractors were made as follows:
January 1, 2012 $ 50,000
April 1, 2012 $590,000
October 1, 2012 $ 270,000
Total $910,000
On April 1, 2012, the company obtained a $480,000, 6% annual interest rate construction loan. The loan was
outstanding for the entire construction period.
The other interest bearing debt of the company included two long-term notes of $180,000 and $120,000 with interest
rates of 4% and 5% respectively. The loans were outstanding for the entire year.
To save you time-I am going to give you avoidable interest for these facts. (but you might want to try to compute it to
see if you get it right, too!) Avoidable interest for 2012 is $32,320.
The racking systemhas an estimated useful life of 10 years and an estimated residual value of $100,000. Turner
computes depreciation for short years using the nearest full month as the convention. Turner uses the double
declining balance method.
1. Assume all interest payments for 2012 are made in cash on December 31, 2012. What is the total interest paid in
cash by Turner on 12/31/2012? (This is “actual interest”).
You type 1. ##### (then show your work after under that)
2. What is construction period interest for 2012?
You type 2. ##### (then show your work after under that)
3. How much interest expense will Turner report on its income statement for 2012?
You type 3. ##### (then show your work after under that)
4. What is acquisition cost for the racking system based on the information we have? _________________
You type 4. ##### (then show your work after under that)

5. Complete the depreciation schedule below (like I gave you in class-fill in every blank cell) thatshows the
depreciation expense, accumulated depreciation and net book value forthe racking system every year for the first
3 years from2013-2015.
Year Mo. Cost Residual
Depreciation Net book value
2013 12 5a. 5b. 5c.
2014 12 5d 5e 5f
2015 12 5g 5h 5i
Type your answers in this format, please.
5a #### (and show your work for the expense computation)
5d######(and show your work for the expense computation)
5g######(and show your work for the expense computation)
6. Assume that after the depreciation adjustment is made in 2015, that the company determines the racking
system is technologically obsolete and that the future cash flows from the system are limited to the amount it
could be sold for. They estimate that possible selling value to be $200,000 at 12/31/2013. What additional
adjusting entry would Turner need to record? Give me the entry and show any calculations below the entry.
You can type the entry as
DR. Account name …..$######
CR. Account name……………….$######
No need to be fancy-just indicate debit or credit in front of each line for me.

Can someone please explain how to do this problem, I have been working on it for hours and I havent been able to figure it out. Please and thank you.
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Septonesoro : and she has insanely bad credit, she owes $8K on a previous car loan that she refuses to pay, but also refuses to do anything about it to get it wiped off. She also has some other debt and only $500 to her name. She makes $45K/year and thinks she can afford a mortgage payment. I made the mistake of telling her about USDA loans where you do not need a down payment.. I don't know how to bring up to her the fact that she's going to be paying PMI, taxes, and other stuff not included in the inital loan payment. I also don't know how to tell her that she needs an emergency fund. Every time I try she flys off the handle. I know her mom is going to be helping out, but she lives on a fixed income and her credit is slightly better than my friend's credit. Can someone help me with trying to put "this is a bad idea" delicately? My only hope right now is that no bank in their right mind would give this person a loan.
Please stop being ignorant, rural doesn't always mean out in the middle of nowhere. We did a USDA loan and live just under 50 miles outside of Philadelphia. We live across from a hospital, down the street from the high school, and it takes about 2 minutes to get to the grocery store.
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AvedaCleava : In this economy loans are not easy to come by getting a loan is estimated to already prove difficult for her.However banks are not known for altruism and often prove to give loans to people that they know cant afford to pay the interest.Your friend however is an adult and sometimes we have to allow adults to make their own choices.sometimes the consequences of those choices can be avoided.Explain your concerns but dont be patronizing or motherly.Your friend however has to make her final decision even if its not one you like.
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Touspedquesee : It's impossible to help some people. She's never going to get a loan with a $8000 default. You might as well save your breath. After all, it's really the mortgage company you are looking out for, in the long run, it's their problem.
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Neenstookem : If her credit is bad, no loan, simple as that. She won't qualify for a USDA loan in a million years with a default on her credit.

You don't need to tell her its a bad idea, she won't qualify anyway.
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