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Nicole1974 : Hi I tried incorporating two lessons into this piece of code. Can you tell me what I did wrong?

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class myRectangle {
int *width, *length;
myRectangle ();
myRectangle (int,int);
~myRectangle ();
int sayArea () {return (*width * *length);}

myRectangle::myRectangle ()
width = new int;
length = new int;
*width = 5;
*length = 5;

myRectangle::myRectangle (int a, int b)
*width = a;
*length = b;

myRectangle::~myRectangle ()
{delete length, width;}

int main ()
myRectangle rect (3,4);
myRectangle rectb;

cout << "Rect's area: " << rect.sayArea() << endl;
cout << "Rectb's area: " << rectb.sayArea() << endl;

return 0;
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fodazi : Andrea Conaway opened Wonderland Photography on January 1 of the current year. During January, the following transactions occurred and were recorded in the company's books:

1. Conaway invested $18,500 cash in the business.
2. Conaway contributed $25,000 of photography equipment to the business.
3. The company paid $3,100 cash for an insurance policy covering the next 24 months.
4. The company received $7,700 cash for services provided during January.
5. The company purchased $7,200 of office equipment on credit.
6. The company provided $3,250 of services to customers on account.
7. The company paid cash of $2,000 for monthly rent.
8. The company paid $3,600 on the office equipment purchased in transaction #5 above.
9. Paid $325 cash for January utilities.

Based on this information, the balance in the Andrea Conaway, Capital account reported on the Statement of Owner's Equity at the end of the month would be:





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kotelekokd : <a href= ></a>
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Shohabmib : I'm 16 and a student
i am thinking of getting a part time job
to gain some extra cash
i dont know what jobs i am allowed to be
or be able to do
what are examples of jobs that needs no experience?
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Glarrododserm : Probably jobs at cash registers, I've heard that fast food chains like MacDonalds require just a simple online 'test'. You could do rhumedial jobs eg. gardening?, babysitting etc.

Jobs in stores as shop assistants require no special experience or qualifications, just think about which would need qualifications.
Would a builder? Yes because you need to learn how to build.
Would a cash register? No, you'd just need simple people skills and know how to use the machine
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Intassecheara : You can mainly only apply to grocery stores and restaurants.

You should know that it can take weeks or even months for them to call you back. Additionally, you should apply to as many places as possible because it is difficult to find a job right now.
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jajidmeu : Say you take a 10k loan, do they give you the whole thing in cash? Or what? I am clueless about all of this.
They = bankers, duh
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PoitoProvemog : banks don't do personal loans. only scam sites offer these.
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Fotaanits : Depends who "they" is. Banks deal in checks or wires. Pawn shows deal in cash.
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eldemowerrorm : Banks certainly do give personal loans. They credit your account with the amount you have borrowed and you can draw on that amount immediately all the paperwork is finished eg direct debit authorisation.
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