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Uploalemasp : I have an Asus K50IJ laptop that has a funky battery life.

-It started to read "battery life warning, consider replacing your battery" about two weeks ago. That went away and now my battery life is not good at all. It will give me about an hour on a charge which is nothing like it used to. Like right now, 32% is left on my battery (so my computer says) and it says that there is 20 mins remaining. 32%=20 mins??

The computer is 11 months old, I run it on the power saver setting, and I make sure I do not run alot of programs at once.
Is it my battery or my computer misreading?
Is there anything I can do?????
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vxperhapslh : something definitely wrong with the battery. If I were you I would just replace the battery as I don't see a way you could otherwise fix it.
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scoorrido : It's amazing! Here:
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KWSteven : sometime people buy warranty that includes battery.if you do , just ask to you always charge the battery even when it is not in use.if so , it's not a good practise.hope that helps.
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dsyez007 : A large impact on your battery life has to do with the age and resource consumption, when you are using the computer at home take the battery out it will save whats left of its life, another thing you can do is download this program and click "run cleaner" the program will remove junk so that the computer has less strain from running...I hope this helped :)
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NathanaelXM : I ordered something online on wednesday but ended up having to cancel the order and return it on thursday so that was about 7 days ago and it was on a prepaid card type thing but the money/ credit was never returned to me. Im worried and dont know what to do?
they said they refunded the money to me...
i got the card as a gift just adding that in
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TarQuarmDap : it wont you pay ahead of time when you cash out
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annemmartinp : Ok, so I have a ton of textbooks I am looking to sell and Amazon seems like the quickest option. However, I don't feel overly happy about putting my debit card online. Would it be possible to do it with a pre-paid visa? Also, after I have sold x amount of books can I get cash off of the visa? I would rather locally sell but I am getting low balled left and right and these books are worth close to what I paid.
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zakladykliczko : I have no credit history because I pay in full with cash on everything that I have ever purchased. Car paid in full with grants, apartment paid for the entire year in full with grants, and paid for my schooling in full via grants and some government help. I have tried applying for credit cards and have been denied because I do not have a credit history/ score. I cannot afford a security deposit on a credit card for the ones that require little to no credit history. So the question stands. How do I establish credit when I have never had to use loans, mortgages, etc...?

I for one believe that it is completely idiotic that you are required to have a credit score/ credit history. I would say that if you do not have a credit history that would be better than having one. Having a credit history means that companies and choose who they want and discriminate against all the other people. Hell without a credit history you could never apply for a loan. Having no credit history would show that you are more responsible that someone with credit, it shows you are responsible enough to not take chances and ask for money you do not have.
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