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Bockimike : like program crashes and malware like reimage?

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vitalykim : Sorry to say but that program doesn't exist if a program has had a file deleted I'm sorry to say you'll have to find it by downloading if your missing a DLL file check out this website .
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advagemyham : My mother suddenly passed away last week. She had signed some blank checks, to keep paying bills, rent and move money to another account. Her condition was slowly getting worse. Can those checks be used? She has one blank check, signed to herself, to move money from one bank to another. Just have to fill in a date and amount. Can they be used. We're talking less than $1400.
I have Power of Attorney, but that power ends on her death. So that doesn't matter. She has one check signed to herself, and she already signed on the back. Can that one be used to move the money to another account she has?
She has a will. No one in the family will object, we all agree. We just don't want the bank holding her money for month after month.
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Jamesgo : Yes
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KneermaWarf : Not if its not signed to you then no. If she already dated and signed a check to you then yes.
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Etepsips : No, not unless you have power of attorney.
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Vidsgaga : It depends on one thing: if the bank account had a POD order. POD means "Payable on Death". And she would have to turn her bank account over to you in order for you to cash it--because when an account holder dies, the bank account does too. However--find out from the bank--if the account is active, and you have that POD, you may be able to use the funds. Otherwise, if she died without a will, all her assets will have to go through probate in order to be released.
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AssibAddilm : I need help with these questions please

25. Bond valuation. A tax-exempt bond was recently issued at an annual 12 percent coupon rate and matures 20 years from today. The par value of the bond is $1,000.
a.If a required market rates are 12 percent, what is the market price of the bond?
b.If required market rates fall to 6 percent, what is the market price of the bond?
c.If required market rates rise to 18 percent, what is the market price of the bond?
d.At what required market rate (6 percent, 12 percent or percent) does the above bond sell at a discount? At a premium?

26. Bond valuation. Assuming that bond in problem 25 matures in ten years, what be the market prices under the various required market interest rate changes?

27. Bond valuation. Charles City Hospital plans on issuing a tax-exempt bond at the bond at an annual coupon rate of 8 percent with a maturity of thirty years. The par value of the bond is $1,000.
a.If required market rates are 8 percent, what is the value of the bond?
b.If required market rates fall to 4 percent what is the value of the bond?
c.If required market rates fall to 12 percent, what is the value of the bond?
d.At what required market rate (4 percent, 8 percent, or 12 percent) does the above bond sell at a discount? At a premium?

28. Bond valuation. A $1,000 par value bond with an annual 6 percent coupon rate with mature in twelve year. Coupon payments are made semi-annually. What is its market price if the required market rate is 4 percent?

29. Bond valuation. Currently, Boston Common Community Hospital’s tax-exempt bond is selling for $626.53 per bond and has a remaining maturity of twenty years. If the par value is $1,000 and the coupon rate is 7 percent, what is the yield to maturity?

30. Loan amortization. Land Hope Hospital needs to borrow $1,000,000 to purchase an MRI. The interest rate for the loan is 8 percent. Principal and interest payments are equal debt service payments, made on an annual basis. The length of the loan is five years. The CEO of Land Hope wants to develop a loan amortization schedule for this debt borrowing for tomorrow morning’s meeting. Prepare such a schedule.

31. Purchase versus lease. Mercy Medical Mega Center, a taxpaying entity, has made the decision to purchase a new laser surgical device. The device costs $500,000 and will be depreciated on straight-line basis over five years to a zero salvage value. Mercy Medical could borrow the full amount at a 12 percent rate for five years. The after-tax cost of debt equals 8 percent. Alternatively, it could lease the device for five years. The before-tax lease payments per year would be $90,000. The tax rate for this Mega Center is 40 percent. From a financial perspective, should Mercy lease the surgical device or borrow the money to purchase it?

32. Debt capacity. Exton Hospital is considering a new replacement hospital and plans to issue long-term bonds to finance the project. Before it meets with its investment bankers, the hospital wants to estimate how much additional debt it can take on. Currently, the hospital has annual debt service payments of $2 million, and its cash flow available to meet debt service payment is 10 million per year. For its new debt issuance, the hospital plan to issue fixed-rate debt for thirty years. It also assumes that Fitch Rating Agency will assign it a BBB rating. Fitch’s median debt service coverage ratio for BBB bonds is 3.0X. The expected fixed interest rate for a thirty-year BBB rate tax-exempt bond is 5 percent. Using Fitch’s median debt service coverage ratio for a BBB-rated bond along with the prior information, how much additional debt could Exton Hospital take on?
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PenGliliabe : Hi, i recently provided payment to a charity using this method in a department store. I inserted my debit card into their card machine as i did not have any cash with me and then entered my pin. I would like to know can this company continue to withdraw money from my account or was this a one of transaction. I was happy to donate the one time but do not like the idea of this company having my card details and withdrawing money on a regular basis.
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KneermaWarf : lesson learnt the hard way

would any sensible person provide bank details to total strangers ?
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