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unselsbup : Alright well I got insurance from best buy internal and external and something spilled on the computer but everything is working except sound.

Best buy is going to fix it but said all the programs and such will be deleted. I have microsoft office on the laptop and I don't want to waste one of my installs. Best buy will back up my stuff for 150$ which is outrageous and I'm not concerned about my programs and such I just care about microsoft office.
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TUTPeessyboms : do you not have the original cd for microsoft office? all you need is to re-install it which I think you can do for free online and then enter in the serial number for office - if ur concerned cuz you dont have office - then look at it this way - its actually cheaper to buy microsoft office with a serial number than it is to pay the $150
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IsombDumNub : I just got married but my wife wont be able to move in with me until next year. We still have separate bank accounts and she still pays her own rent as do I. Its almost like we are just dating. Will a marriage certifate change my taxes? She makes about half as much as I do but doesnt report any withholding because she works for cash.
Is there anything I should do to avoid any negitive consequences or should I do anything to take advantage of being married. Can I still file as single since nothing financially has changed?
I didnt say she reported no income. I said she reports no withholding. She cant have withholding since she is paid by cash. She pays reports her income yearly as usual.
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Guanoattipt : no, now that you are married and anticipate becoming a married couple living together, you cannot file single
you say she pays her own rent but she reports no income? not a good path to follow
this money she makes as cash needs to be reported as self employment income, her failure to do so if this has gone on for years, might be a serious problem for her(and you) in the future
and yes, you can file married separately, will not affect your taxes to a any great extent
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Uloyalyday : Cash is not illegal. I could hire your wife to work for me and pay her cash and still issue her paystubs and a W-2 at the end of the year. I wouldn't, but I could.

I could also hire your wife as a contractor, have her fill out a W-9, sign receipts for the cash and issue her a 1099-Misc at the end of the year (assuming the work qualifies as contract labor) and it would be legitimate.

That said, if she doesn't get any forms from her payers and is paid in cash, she is an audit waiting to happen. If audited the IRS will want proof that she actually made that much income, no more no less; that she had documenation for any expenses claimed, etc. It's a lot easier on you if you haven't filed a joint return with her. If you file jointly and audit causes her to owe money, you would be just as liable.
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likelucyru : Huffman Systems has sales revenue of $2,665,000. The cost of goods sold is $1,012,700. The new product will have an additional $490,000 fixed cost each year. and the manufacturing equipment will have an initial cost of $3,100,000 and will depreciate over 8 years (straight line). The company tax rate is 38%. What is the annual operating cash flow.
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Kecysypecrade : I rent a lot in a mobile home park. I began renting the lot when I purchased my mobile in February 2012, I never signed a lease or any kind of agreement (only the application) for the property and I paid cash for the mobile. The landlord came around today giving everyone in the park a letter that demanded for all of the names of the adults living in each home, saying that anyone not listed on the application form is NOT allowed to be living here. At the end of the very brief letter she stated,"Some of you will be getting eviction notices!" (that was her final sentence of the letter) She also hand wrote on my letter that "the dogs must go! i will be back to check."
There were never any rules or regulations when I was 'approved' to rent this lot. My girlfriend and her 2 dogs moved in with me the beginning of the summer, so her name isn't on the application. I was never told I had to inform them of people living with me. What are my rights here? What should / can I do?
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vvvtttjjjccc : Without a lease you have the right to agree to her terms or move your home off the property.
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creecurry : I'm 18 and live in indiana.
3months ago I made the worse decision of my life and stole 170 dollars from the cash register at work. I was called into the office a week after and the LP said he had a tape of me doing it. I confessed to everything and was completely honest and polite. The police arrived and took down my information and said I would receive a call in a few days to go turn myself in but I was not arrested or givin a citation or court date. About 2 weeks ago I received a settlement offer from palmer and reifler but I am refusing to pay it because I paid the money back I stole so I don't see what the other 300 dollars of damage is for? Like I said, it has been 3 months since this and I haven't recieved anything from court or calls from police. Will I go to jail? If so, how long? I am also on pre-trial diverson for criminal trespassing in February. Please help me. I am under so much stress. Please do not reply making me feel worse. I know I have done wrong. HELP!?
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AssicsbleammaGB : For only $170 and for a first offense, you would certainly NOT go to jail, so relax. Most of the time you get little punishment if you do repay the money back. Don't stress too much, we all make stupid mistakes when we are young, but now you have a police record, and things will not go so easy if you have a next crime.

I'm not sure what the other $300 is for, maybe legal fees to their lawyers.
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