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Errommeds : i have been blocked from signing in and they ask to send new code to an old email address which i no longer have

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Aluggegorrunc : Would this be okay? I'm only 18 and I do not currently have my own bank account, so I will have to use my mom's. I did win the sweepstakes, but I was wondering if this was okay to do, or if they would consider it "fraud" if I put it in her bank account and not mine (which I don't have one). Any thoughts would be appreciated, thank you.
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Flugsoors : How you cash the check is nobodies business.

Sign the check on the back, then write underneath "made payable to and for deposit only" then leave some space (so your mom can sign underneath) and then print her name underneath it.

That and you will have to be present with an I.D. when your mother puts that check into her bank account.

Word of the wise... wait until the check clears before you draw any money out of your mothers account. Once you sign the check over to your mother the money is legally hers. So you better make sure that Mom can be trusted to hand you the cash again.
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arcadeismyname : im afraid you might have fallen for scam
i 'll bet the check is fake if you cash the check will bounce then the bank will take back
their money leaving you and mom with a negative balance
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acestirrermaf : a refund from money gram. a refund from money gram
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jqo8z53fe : I recently had a priest contact me from Nigeria. He has $5million in gold bars that he needs quietly shipped to the US (I can't get into how he found them here).
But he offered me half of the gold if I would wire him $3000 so he can cover the shipping costs.
This is too good an investment for me to pass up.

But westen union was going to charge me a fortune to wire the money to Nigeria. Is there any wire service that's cheaper?

I don't want to get screwed out of my hard earned cash by paying excessively high fees to send the money...
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xxldoctttibr : Scam - nice troll.
At least I hope you were trolling. No one would really fall for this scam.
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y8es6sho0v : Um how about NOT. These are SCAMS. dont you know that by now. Well if your foolish enough send it the way the "priest" told you, who cares how much Western union charges your gonna be out of a lot of money anyway.
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torpwelmeo : I really doubt anyone is this stupid..........

I'd attach it to a carrier pigeon.

Same net result.
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eradywopperse : This SHOULD BE an investment for you to doubt --- VERY, VERY MUCH.

This falls under the category: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

Too many people have lost WAY too much money to things that have sounded
as great as this, or better. Your good intentions are very nice but ....

Certificates, Documents, a Nigerian Accent and All can easily be replicated.
A Priest in Nigeria could be some rich bastard in China -- Don't Become A Victim.
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