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advagemyham :

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HireeLarp : Rather depends on the basis on which you gave them the check.
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flouspelled : My bank is TD Canada Trust.
I have a US account setup with it. So I am able to recieve and have USD in my account.

I have a Canadian paypal account... but have USD currency on there now.

I would like to keep the money in USD. So I want to transfer it over to my American account at my Canadian bank. I just want to keep the money in USD funds without having to exchange it since I need the money in USD since I will be purchasing a car in the States soon for cash.

I already have the bank account number, institution number, and branch transit number.
When I was signing up my bank account with paypal I had to enter this information in.
For the bank I put TD Canada Trust and selected Canada as the country.

I already did this a week ago. Waited 5 business days. I never recieved 2 small deposits from paypal to confirm my bank. My bank account simply vanished from the Bank info page on my paypal.

So I reput the info again and its been 2 days so far. I talked with paypal and my bank a lot and they told me there should be no reason why it shouldn't work since people do it all the time.

Right now when I go to my paypal bank account and click CONFIRM. I have to enter two amounts to confirm it. It says CAD... but its actually being sent to my US account. So should be USD?

If I select country United States when registering the bank with paypal it just asks for account number and ROUTING NUMBER.

So not sure what to do. Paypal said there may have been an error last time, I hope there was. I jus think it may fail again.

I need to figure this out really soon or I'll just need to send it in CAD. I'll then need to transfer it over to USD again. From the sum of money I'll be pointlessly losing out about $500... not good!

any help will greatly help.
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Easereoda : I'm moving and need to make some extra cash so I'm selling a lot of stuff to stores. I was wondering what should I get off of CDs and DVDs. Also if I take my clothes to a consignment shop what should I typically get for well conditioned clothes, shoes, and purses?
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unpalingzz : Very little. $1-2 each
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EpildKitillek : You'd be better off selling them on ebay to be honest. It takes more time and effort but you would probably get more for them.

If you don't have that kind of time, you will generally only get anywhere from a few cents to $3 per CD, depending on how recent of a release it is and demand, etc. Some stores that speciallize in selling used CD's/DVD's will generally have a set price, like $2 for every CD, $3 for every DVD, or something like that. I'm not so sure about clothes because I always either donate my old clothes or throw them away depending on condition.
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AnthonyCH : How would the process work, if it's true? Also, if a family member, close friend, or individual person were to give someone the money for the surgery either by cash or through paying by their own debit or credit card, could they be considered for the deduction if all receipts were kept and held on to?
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KitActick : was this prescribed by a doctor or elective surgery

if you paid medical bills regardless of the source of the income, you would be able to claim them within the limitation
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innonryness : I have £40 leaving my account every month for internet, and I forgot to put some cash in yesterday and only had £5 or something left in my account, yet according to my bank statement £40 has left my account. Does that mean natwest have paid the £40 for me and I owe them some money? Or does it mean something else? please help ...
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TinityXator : Natwest paid the direct debit for you but unless you already have an overdraft limit arranged you will get charged circa £40 bank charges from them
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