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likelucyru : I want to do some volunteer work to boost my career skills, there's a store near here seeking volunteers to man cash registers and stock the shelves and I'm fairly interested. If I apply will they accept me right away? Or are they going to give me the classic "You're not what were looking for right now" response because I don't take rejection well. I will torch the store.

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UnfofPymnjany : In my experience they can be.
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xbfreeslotsio : Yes, charities can be 'picky' when selecting volunteers, depending on the duties they need the volunteer to perform. The charity needs to protect itself from liability and it's members from harm. For example, a volunteer that is going to be working closely with children, or one with access to cash, may need to undergo a rigorous interview and possibly a background check before being accepted and trained. If you have any concerns about your eligibility or reaction to rejection, do not apply.
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SemoHottdob : Im looking for a company such as Brighthouse or Perfect homes. Need some new furniture asap but haven't go the cash and got poor credit.

Dont need a lecture off people we just need sensible answers please.

thanks to all that reply
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Weennybuffvob : I have recently purchased a iphone 4 from a friend and i need to unlock the phone to connect to a different network. The network is locked to orange and the network i need to connect to is Tesco, i was wondering how i should go about this ? Preferably not too expensive.
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WhakBanocoamn : The cheapest way to do it is to ask Orange to unlock it,the network it was on is always the cheapest place to go,they will take the IME number and go through Apple to unlock it,currently I believe Orange charge £20 and take about 48 hours to go through the unlock process.

Don't take it to a gadget shop,they always charge silly amounts of money,some networks will even do it for free if it is ex contract and is more than 12 months old but even if they do charge they will never charge as much as a high street gadget shop.
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Loasiarog : I have an android phone and even though I did a factory reset its still insanely glitchy. It started with horizontal lines that looked kinda like static, then when I went to unlock my phone the little touch buttons lit up and that's it. Now it does it if I leave it alone for more than a minute, even after I reset it. I have an htc evo shift. Whats wrong with it?
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Cogsweilligue : I am currently living in the middle east and I just came from canada. I have a iPhone 4S running 7.0.2 that is locked to bell mobility. As the title says, what's the best site to get this done?

Its stuck on activation which is making me mad.
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