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torgonitoh : Ok, a family member owns new plaza in a very well trafficked location. He offered me a spot in the plaza rent free. Rent here is going for a little over $2.00 /SF/month. The spot he offered me is 1200 SF.... So I obviously don't what to pass this opportunity. My question is: What in the world can I open? Keep in mind I only have about 7,000.00 for investment. I have about 8 glass displays I was planning on selling, cash register, a camera security system, and other misc stuff... any ideas??

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yughkygsrlxh : Alright so my history teacher a few years back told our class about a story i think it was in Germany or somewhere but it was back in the 1920s or 1940s. Their cash currency at one point wasn't worth anything so people would burn the money just to keep warm. Food and other objects was worth more than a million of this country's currency

maybe this was a story or something real but i cant find it
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Attaiftnire : I have a free music app on my phone and when my apps or anything gets done loading it posts it at the top of my phone and some of the songs were unsuccessful and the download symbols wont go away ive deleted the app and everything does anyone kn how to get them off? Plz its driving me crazy and i cant see my other notifications
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ExannaMaf : Every night before i go to bed i plug in my phone to the wall charger and put it under my bed.. this morning when i woke up i grabbed my phone and the led light was blinking which shows that i have notifications so i pressed the home button and the screen didn't turn on. I tried pressing the lock button and that did not work either.. so i decided to take the battery out and turn the phone back on, the samsung screen popped up then a couple seconds later the screen went black and turned back on but nothing was on the screen.. then it just becomes un responsive and the screen turns black like its not on.. usually after the samsung screen the virgin mobile loading screen turns on then my lock screen but in this case not even the virgin mobile screen turned on.. i decided to try and hard reset it so i took the battery out put the battery back in and then i did all i needed to do holding down the buttons then a little text at the top says " boot to recovery mode by key" and just sits there.. so i just let my phone be and maybe it would do something and a screen pops up that says Downloading... Do not turn off target!! and i had that screen sit for a few hours and it hasnt done anything so i just took the battery out put it back in and didnt do anything to it so it is just sitting here... anyone please help me i need this phone for school
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Beskeragmasse : I purchased an iPhone 5s today and the number has not fully set up yet
i.e. i cannot call or text or receive calls or texts
its been a few hours since i've turned the phone on and inserted the sim, i did that around 3pm and its now 8pm

If it helps i have a 4GEE Orange contract

is it normal for the phone to have not fully set up yet? should i wait a few more hours?
what should i do if its not normal?
what do i do if it doesn't set up

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