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dokoccund : Remember, phase 2 is repeated 7 times

Phase 1: The engineering design and development requires 3 years. No production is done during this period. The costs are:

Labor $ 2,840,125 per year paid at the end of each

Material $750,825 paid at the end of the first year

Phase 2: to launch the spacecraft into orbit, operate the equipment from the ground by remote control, and recover the spacecraft with the product. The phase is completed in one year, and will be repeated for the next 6 years for a total of 7 launches. Costs include (all costs are paid at the end of each year):

Launch $ 7,000,000

Insurance$ 600,000

Labor $ 1,800,000

Material $ 800,000

The annual receipts as a result of phase 2 are $ 15,245,760.

The minimum attractive rate of return is i=25%

I tried several formulas but still can't get the answer. Please explain. Thank You!
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asdrjh536 : Hello! I hope I've come to the right place about this...

My employer is a large nightclub company in England, I work at one of the nightclubs in London as a barman.

I love working there and think it is fantastic, however the past couple of weeks they've put me on a bar which is very stressful. The way the bar is set out is away from all the others and has only me and one other person on the bar whilst the others have 4 staff, and much less customers than this bar.

Last week I was on the bar, with the usual shouting and abuse from customers complaining they've been waiting longer than everyone else etc when the person on the bar with me had to go and get more stock....which is a lengthy task as finding a manager is quite a tough task to do.

With him gone I was by myself, the abuse and shouting doubled as I had double the work load. I was....threatened that a customer would "get me outside", another blocked the only exit to the bar and told me that if I didn't serve him instantly I'd get really hurt, a load of guys threw ice at me which doesn't sound like much but I assure you ice can be quite painful. I tried to get the attention of a doorman, which was impossible to do seeing as they were all out of sight at their "posts". I pressed the panic alarm 3 times, only to have no one come and help me. When the people went away I tried to pour a drink and my hands shock uncontrollably, felt weak and out of breath like a mini panic attack which is very unlike me as I'm quite confident.

After my shift I told the manager who told me loads of times before he wouldn't put me on that bar again, only to be shunned and they admitted the panic buttons didn't work anyway....So...for a nightclub raking in millions of pounds a year they're hardly short of cash. I do in no way feel safe when I work on that bar, and with no way of getting help something really bad could happen to me.

The next day I went into work and guess where they had put me...yep you guessed it. I asked a manager why I'm always put on that bar when I'm really not comfortable being there etc and they said if you don't go on it you can go home and walked off. I said loudly I'd speak to the head manager and they still ignored me and walked off telling me to go home...

Now, what exactly are my rights here? If anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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mottCymnerype : case that fits a lg optimus l7 ii dual fit an lg optimus l7 ii. case that fits a lg optimus l7 ii dual fit an lg optimus l7 ii
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glammefly : If you have the case, give a try. If you don't have case, check for it's size and depth in search engine.
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incerpibe : I can see that it has a nice camera but is the software worth it?
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veictemiotors : The Nokia lumia is one of the best phones around. Some people don't like windows phone 8 but that's more a matter of taste, one things for sure it is a good looking smooth operating system running on some really great hardware. I would suggest you go in store and try one out for yourself that's the only way to make sure if you really like the OS or not.
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yang1239p : Hello,

My friend is going to bring an Iphone 5s from US from T-mobile. Will I be able to activate T-mobile outside US?
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