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nunkCurpittee : for a project with a positive NPV ($300)with a known initial outlay ($125) but unknown life (n years), the anuual cash flows are positive but not known if the discount rate is 10%, is there a way to find its IRR? Regards

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slospaphoro : i usually baby-sit for extra money but "business" has been slow. i haven't gotten a call to baby-sit in weeks, more like 2-3 months and i really need cash. i don't know what to do. i mean i am only 14 so i can't work anywhere....that i know of...and i just need a couple of ideas.
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origneeficigo : Mow lawns, wash cars, walk dogs, pull weeds, etc.
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Plaidedem : My mum said i could have her old phone but she can't remember the code for it. She thinks it COULD start/end in 25 but she can't remember. We've tried so many numbers but we can't seem to get it. Its about 4 or 5 numbers long, not too sure. Please help us!:)
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kantastorma : I have the file ready to put as a ringtone, but how do I actually tranfser the file into my phone to use it?
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camarok : I've had my phone for about a year and half now. Do I qualify for an upgrade? If so, what would the options be? (I would log on and check but can't access my account)
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