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songfeng202 : I have both a credit card and a debit card.
I only use my credit card for big purchases and things i know ill pay off.
But the debit card, i cant seem to stop using it.
I hate carying cash because i tend to have the need to spend.

Does anyone else have this issue?
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toribhibblerg : 3 ways:
1. spend all your money, then you wont have any to spend!
2. rip up your debit card, then you can't spend it!
3. get trolled

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Fbnolormep : Write down and/or keep a receipt of everything you buy, at the end of the month, take notice of all the impulse items you buy and do away with them. Also, only charge food and gas to your credit card and only buy big items and other stuff with you debit. The theory behind this is that if you have to use your own hard earned cash for those big ticket items, you'll think twice about buying expensive luxury's. Also, you can easily maintain and pay off your credit card each month, thus increasing your credit score.
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pacifikbad : I gave someone a cheque last week and just realised I didn't sign it, can they still cash it or do I need to catch up with them?
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FriendAbigail : You have to sign the check for it to be valid
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Sleeryrub : What brand is the best for phones and what phone is good?
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esyez003 : Really depends mainly first on your budget. Then whether you want an Apple, Android or Blackberry
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Tevyemalm : When I receive messages on my Android I can't hear the notification ringtone go off. The volume is fine, and the file used for the custom ringtone works, and I can even see that I have gotten a message on the top of the screen, but the ringtone doesn't sound (I also tried with a preset ringtone, but that didn't work either).

Any clues for why this is occurring?
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DopeHisepup : go into your messing app and the go to the settings there
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igoroldtemkin : I have an LG Spectrum and want to upgrade really badly, I absolutely hate this phone. I don't believe my account has any upgrades available, my step mom is the owner of the account and there are four of us total on the account. I got my phone in July of 2012 and was wondering if I'd be able to upgrade using EDGE. If not, is there any other sort of way that I could upgrade? I'm open to all ideas except paying full price for a new phone.
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