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Conk525nfV : What do you get your personal loan in? Do you get it in cash or credit? I have a debit card and so does it go into that? I might get a credit card soon too so will it go into that? A simple explanation would be nice. Thanks!

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Assinemia : Getting a loan may be difficult if you don't already have a credit history. Any loan would go into your bank account, not onto a card.
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Urgersspoolve : personal loan is where you don't provide collateral. those loans tend to be small. if you get a credit card with a 500 dollar limit for purchases and 300 for cash the 300 could be considered a personal loan.
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neoclaliolf : You have to come in at 4:30 in the morning every day and stay until 5:30 pm hoping for a job. During this time, you waste a whole day NOT finding a real job elsewhere.

IF you get a job, you only get about 50 bucks, not counting cashing fees, transportation fees, equipment fees, etc. You end up breaking your back for 35! Enough just to buy dinner afterwards.

If you're that hard up for cash, why not work at Wal*Mart or McDonalds?

Or is there something I am missing?
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9a4bq9t1x : My mother is getting me a phone for my Christmas present and she has asked me to choose one, but I don't know any good phones to buy. I would preferably like one with a good battery life, good camera, not overly complicated to work and is able to connect to the internet. Android is another preference. I do not like iPhones or Blackberrys as theyre too mainstream and too complicated to work. I have a budget of around £150. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.
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SahSooroVaw : Samsung galaxy s3, s3 mini or the iPhone 4S for around that budget.
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erodoGagdug : am home, no tv or games just a mobile phone
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toitiedykix : buy iphone 5c cases. buy iphone 5c cases
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