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alexpril : For a small business such as a mobile coffee van, do you think we should implement an Accounts Receivable financing facility?

Thank you.

AQ: What could we do to ensure good cash flow if we're not using Accounts Receivable factoring?

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Affongenice : If you are mobile then you are I assume visiting your customers on a regular basis?
So why are you considering factoring your accounts receivable?
I assume they (the factoring company) want you do this so that they can collect your money from your customers and take a commission for doing that.
If that is the way they work remember that they might be upsetting your customers, who might then decide to buy from someone else.
As you are visiting your customers regularly why not have them on a system where they pay you for last month's delivery before you offload this month's? Or just send out a statement each month end like other companies do. I am not sure of the value or type of coffee you are delivering, or what kind of customers you have, so not sure if asking them to pay you cash on delivery is viable. But it should be considered.
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KneermaWarf : If you have a mobile coffee van - you shouldn't need accounts receivable - this is
suppose to be a cash only business -
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maymnarcabyJG : So i recently got married, and it seems to be that on top of monthly rent, bills, and my non working mother in law........ money is never enough. I have enough to pay all that, but for some reason, we live day by day with money for groceries and gas... a week i spend about 80 in gas. So i need creative, fun, easy, and fast ways to earn about $150 extra a week.. For, food and gas. Anyone please help !!! Thanks in advance
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ViettePen : Car boot or.maybe eBay
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scanrpinteyrocza : Invest in a web cam,install it at home, and have your mother in law do mature or MILF porn
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TarQuarmDap : What does rooting a phone do and does it make is slower, and can you unroot it?
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Mexteendy : Rooting a phone gives you root access, in other words, administrative access. You can, for example, remove apps installed in the root directory, like the bloatware installed by your carrier. It doesn't slow your phone down if that is all you do.

You can also change roms, meaning the phones basic operating system. With older hardware no longer being supported by the carrier, this means you can have an updated version of android for example, or a custom version. You also have access to "root" apps in the Google Play store (assuming you have Android).

Rooting can pose some security risks if the phone is stolen, as some of Androids security measures will have been bypassed to give you privileged access. As far as I know, any phone can be unrooted, but there may be technical issues if you have changed the rom. It may not be easy.
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DegreeMoon : Many people are under the illusion that in order to cancel your orange pay monthly contract you have to give 30 days notice. This is only true once your min contract period has expired.

If you want to leave before your contract has expired you do not have to give 30 days notice. The only condition is any outstanding charges must be paid, so if your contract ends on Nov 15 - ring on the 14th and ask to cancel which only leaves 1 day of charges to pay.

Don't believe me!!!! It it clearly stated in their terms and condition - part 4.2.
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Hopppgyte : I have an iphone 5 and my charger doesnt seem to work and I have gone through 3 and spent $60 on it. Im thinking about getting an adapter, since my iphone 4 chargers still work. what does an adapter do specifically, just so I know?
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