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Effitswes : thats what they gave me - i want to send a small amount of cash to him.

i was thinking of going ot my local hsbc branch to sort this out - but realised i might be able to do this online.

can i do it online ?
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whetribather : If you phone the telephone banking number with the person's bank details - sortcode and account number - they can set him up as a payee on your online account for you. You can then make the payment as you would if you were paying a bill.
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unwrelemfu : Yeah all you need for HSBC internet banking is their name (which i assume you know), their sort code and account number
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phollespase : We are expanding our business to open up to the general public. Previously, we only offered online sales and payment transactions using paypal.

I was at the mall last week and noticed a lady selling flat irons and other hainr accessories, after looking over what she had for sale I noticed she was operating her business with a laptop which set atop a cash drawer. She did not have a credit card machine but rather took the credit card information and entered it into her laptop.

Currently, I have "wireless virgin mobile broadband to go " for nternet access and it works fantastice and I would like to have the same set up she had or similar.
Can anyone tell me or direct me to where I can find out more about the method.
I am trying to prevent having to install a land line into my business that is just another added cost that i simply dont want. I already have my cell phone which is set up for business use. also, I am trying to avoid purchasing any additional equipment. I know it can be done and I should ahould have simply ask the lady.
Anyone know what this is, I would sure appreciate some direction.
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Dyertonnori : I have a Samsung S4 on Verizon and wanted to know if I can use it on boost mobile, or T-Mobile? Help please
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kayattsag : You can use the phone on Boost and on T-Mobile too. The phone is both GSM and CDMA capable so you can get the phone flashed to Boost or get the phone unlocked for using on T-Mobile. Check online for flashing phones or factory unlocking.
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Attaiftnire : I have a free music app on my phone and when my apps or anything gets done loading it posts it at the top of my phone and some of the songs were unsuccessful and the download symbols wont go away ive deleted the app and everything does anyone kn how to get them off? Plz its driving me crazy and i cant see my other notifications
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choolfrok : which samsung
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