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aeroreimumb : i am terrable at saving money, and there are a lot of things my friends and family have planned for this summer, so i thought of the idea of just not cashing the checks i get from my work. but im not sure if they expire or something, or will they get intrest taken off? how does it work?

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Pyncsheence : This is going to get your employer upset.
They actually keep check registers (accounts) and can see when you don't cash your checks.

You can hold a company check for 90 days then it becomes void.
But, please don't do this to your company.
That chubby accountant will send you a nasty email
Also the accountant could tell the manager what you are doing.
Accountants tend to be blabber mouths.
The boss may think you don't need money, and perhaps don't even need a job
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SahSooroVaw : yes, they're good for 90 days and i believe it's your business when you decide to cash it. if the company would decide to send me an e-mail for something so ridiculous, i would hold onto it until the day before it becomes void.
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VUHCLEGREEBER : Yes, they will "expire." It's called a stale-dated check - and your bank will refuse to cash it. It will also upset your employer. That's NOT the way to save money. Deposit the checks promptly and develop some self-control.
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reeksorneycle : Checks generally expire after 90 days, but some expire at 180 days (it will be written on the check). A stale check is considered after the 91st day of it's date written (on the top).

Your best bet, however, if you can't save money, is to deposit the checks into a share certificate. The $ will gather interest but you cannot pull the deposited money out until the certificate matures (often 3, 6 or 12 months after you open it). You can deposit any time into it. You only can pull out the interest you've earned. Go to your local credit union or your bank and ask for a share certificate or CD.

This will keep your company happy and you will have an asset growing in the bank, earning interest.

Good luck and congrats for trying to save money!
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hankon500 : is there anyone that is hiring a finance grad to help manage a large bank, here is my short resume;

MR. X, Y
< private address >
UK, < private number >


- find a job in a bank where i;m near a beech and hopefully build a big house


- company 1, start year - end year
account manager
- managed account for people
- did work on the side
- organized variety store items
- organized cash register money
- worked with 100's, 50's, 20's, 10's, 5's, 1's, cents and other currencies
- helpped out customers find things on shelves
- gave gas to people in cars

compani 2, start year - end year
boss of big company
- managed 2 employees
- did payroll, hr, account, janitor, cleaning
- program in jaba scrib, fix computers, did housework for customers
- increased revenue from $100 to $1000
- account receeivable and payable
- answerd calls from long distance wife
- adopted pet dog and ex wife child

psychology and finance specialization, xxx university, start year - end year

special activies;
- yahoo answers monitoring and posting
- playing games on mobile phones
- walking, talking, moving arms and legs, breathing
- paining things
- walking dog
- learning to read and write

- please request after job offer

thanks for reviwing my resume , all opinions are taken into consideration
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momeNemelve : You're a shoe-in.
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starrjcrousey : "Walking, talking moving arms an legs, breathing" is now considered a special activity? Gas attendant and homemaker, while necessary and real jobs, are not "account managers" and "boss of big company". Bonus marks for spelling "education" incorrectly.

Scrap this and start over with honesty and a spell checker. Or stop trolling.
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HXfernanda : On a iPhone 4S with Verizon service you can track where location services are being used under Privacy/Location Services... The Find My iPhone has an arrow by it saying it has been used... but it HASN'T been used, so why would it give the designation that Location Services is using it?
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Plaidedem : My mum said i could have her old phone but she can't remember the code for it. She thinks it COULD start/end in 25 but she can't remember. We've tried so many numbers but we can't seem to get it. Its about 4 or 5 numbers long, not too sure. Please help us!:)
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