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Affestytrit : I'm trying to sell an item on Craigslist, but I have never sold anything online before. How do I collect if someone wants to make a purchase? Meet face to face and cash only or is there a way to collect payment without getting taken advantage of? And is it a good idea to tell them I will deliver the product??

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IDdiego : With Craigslist, I only take cold, hard cash and do the transaction in-person only. Essentially Craigslist is intended to encourage local sales only. If you are doing mail order, you're on your own. There are tons of scams and idiots out there so beware.
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Tano576igL : I presently rent a home for £95 per week. Would I be better off buying a home where I paid much less per month mortgage? Also, I don't want to work. Could I live off the interest from £200,000? Or does the cash have to be left alone to accrue interest?
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inferveOnerve : You could not live off the interest
This would only produce about 8,000 a year (about 600 a month after taxes) if you could find a guaranteed investment at 4%. And it would be a good idea to keep the principal locked up until you retire. 200,000 will be a minimal amount to retire above the poverty level

Something tells me that the cash is not going to last you very long
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Kesseneli : I own a Samsung Galaxy Young, and I have pretty much nothing in it, a few photos, 1 song and whatsapp (the rest consists on the apps that came with the phone like google play store, youtube, widgets, etc).

And for some reason anytime I try to update whatsapp or download another app it says "insufficient storage space", even though I have nothing in my phone there are 164MB used and only 26MB free. With almost no files and just one app I don't understand how! Also, I can't move anything to my SD Card, which is empty.

It's gotten to the point where the phone is also SO slow it's impossible to use.. can anyone help me fix this?

Thank you for your time!
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Sleeryrub : What brand is the best for phones and what phone is good?
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esyez003 : Really depends mainly first on your budget. Then whether you want an Apple, Android or Blackberry
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Shietlewappal : I bought the alcatel 768 from Metropcs yesterday. It's a good phone, a little confusing but I've figured out mostly everything except MMS texting. I cannot send photos or video to anyone without it telling me that the send failed. It happens when I have full signal, so I know it's not signal related, but I don't understand the problem. Can anyone tell me how to change the settings or whatever I have to do so that I can send picture messages?
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