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BuyNexium : I have done this before so no need to go in to details, just need to refresh my memory.

I have a list of 4000 observations for the following assets in excel:
AUS equity
International Equity

What numbers do I need to find the MVP weights? Variance and mean of individual assets+covariances? Also, what formula should I use?
If possible, i want to restrict shortselling.
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Dorbrarrofs : Can you go to the bank and ask for cash back on your credit card without having the actual card? I have the card number, experation date, and security code but not the actual card.
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jametesteClef : If you go to the bank that holds the credit card, there is a chance - yes
They will inspect your ID fully and ask you plenty of security questions

This is a cash advance - not cash back (cash back is completely different)
With a cash advance:
1. Interest rate is higher - usually double that of regular rate
2. No grace period - interest starts immediately
3. A flat fee of about 4% for the advance - plus a small ~$10 fee for the transaction
4. Cash advance limits are much lower than your regular limit
(check the statement for this)

In conclusion: A cash advance is one of the worst possible ways to get money.
Take your last billing statement with you - since they always keep an eye open for fraud
If you are using someone elses card, be aware that anywhere you go, there will be cameras to spot your activity. And you will be easily caught. This type of fraud can land you jail time
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bydghwjgcgne : i agree with the above
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clonecd679 : I want to know if I should get my iPhone before or after I switch from Verizon to metro PC
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reetemics : I have an Iphone 4 that is not ringing it just vibrates. I don't have any custom ringtone, just the fabric one. What can it be?
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brilsBuri : I purchased an iPhone 5s today and the number has not fully set up yet
i.e. i cannot call or text or receive calls or texts
its been a few hours since i've turned the phone on and inserted the sim

If it helps i have a 4GEE Orange contract

is it normal for the phone to have not fully set up yet? should i wait a few more hours?
what should i do if its not normal?
what do i do if it doesn't set up

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Brorgeauthore : I have a feeling it will take a while for the sim card to activate, I did a sim swap a while ago because iPhone's have different sim slots. It took a few hours to activate with the new sim. I'm guessing this is kinda the same, you have a new phone and sim so it's taking a while to activate, also I guess lots of people are getting this new phone and contract to EE will be quite busy processing all these new contacts. Just leave it a few hours or maybe until tomorrow. Then if it's still not working give your provider and ring and tell them what's up, they should be able to resolve the issue if there is one.

Hope this helps.
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