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DjoMalyshev : hi recently got a part time job in a newsagent all is good but operating the till worries me sometimes as i get nervous when giving change back im never sure if that was the right change. So my boss told how to operate the till so it tells you what change needs to be given. Was wondering if this right:
for example someone bought a lottery ticket for £2 i would simply put in £2 in the tell select lottory and then press sub total ask for £2 and if the customer gave me £10 i would but £10 and then enter the till should open displaying the change.... Is this right. Please help any shop workers out there....

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srfecti644 : Thats right
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uvnlfcbi : yep u would enter £2 , lottery, sub total it, then put in the £10 , press total and it will give you the change amount of £8 ....
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StevenVQ : Have used tills for many years, long before the modern ones that give you a display of the change. A good rule I used to train my staff was;

Lets say a customer spends £8.25, and pays with a twenty pound note. I would count the change they need by saying, 8.25, pick up 5 pence, and say 8.30, then pick up 20 pence and say 8.50, then pick up 50 pence and say 9.00, then a pound and say 10.00, then a ten pound note and say 20.00. This way the change in always correct.

May sound complicated put into words, but give it a try, think you will find it works, and when you get used to it, it will become second nature to you and no mistakes ever, even if the till is not working.

Hope this helps, but do please give it a try.
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Aluggegorrunc : Like is it true that if you have a great credit you can go buy a car and if you want to pay less a month than what they say you can tell them to lower it and they pretty much have to lower it for you? And if you want a house its way easier to buy it if you have great credit and all that stuff?

Why is credit so important?
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sursinkivarah : Lets be clear!

You are talking about DEBT.
DEBT is useful and handy in small doses.
SAVING used to be the way things were bought - but the banks could make more money by getting us all into DEBT and charging horrendous interest!
Running up lots of DEBT (credit sounds so much nicer doesn't it!) is catastrophic!
That is why just about every Western Country is in so much trouble. Their DEBTS exceed their income (basically taxes from the workers!) by up to 5 times. As an example if you earn 20,000/year would you like a DEBT of 100,000.

We are all going to have a very tough time for the next 10 years. Getting yourself into big DEBT is not the way to survive the problems/unemployment etc. coming!
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UKPharmaNo1 : Recently I switched from Verizon to Straight Talk, so I cancelled my contract with Verizon. If I sell my Verizon iPhone 4 to my friend, will he be able to start a new contract on it? I know AT&T lets you do that because of SIM cards, but I didn't know if you could with Verizon as well.
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kotelekokd : nope/
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TarQuarmDap : What does rooting a phone do and does it make is slower, and can you unroot it?
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Mexteendy : Rooting a phone gives you root access, in other words, administrative access. You can, for example, remove apps installed in the root directory, like the bloatware installed by your carrier. It doesn't slow your phone down if that is all you do.

You can also change roms, meaning the phones basic operating system. With older hardware no longer being supported by the carrier, this means you can have an updated version of android for example, or a custom version. You also have access to "root" apps in the Google Play store (assuming you have Android).

Rooting can pose some security risks if the phone is stolen, as some of Androids security measures will have been bypassed to give you privileged access. As far as I know, any phone can be unrooted, but there may be technical issues if you have changed the rom. It may not be easy.
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