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Tevyemalm : Im a sophmore trying to get a loan for Dj equipment...Need about $1000.. How do i go about getting it?
Where can i get a loan? I will have an internship everysummer

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ShoPPerwed : You'll need full time work, along with tax returns and a pay stub to prove your salary
You'll need great established credit, since personal loans are extremely hard to get
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unincandy : Unless your parents will lend it to you, not going to happen.
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induttott : You can't get a loan as a full time student except for student loans which can only be used for education purposes. For any other loan you need to be in full time employment
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GomiToido : Hello
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Allolacib : The volume on everything else is fine, except for talking on the phone. I put it at full volume and I can still barely hear the person on the other line. Can someone help me?

I have an iPhone 4 by the way.
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AcimbCemecach : your reciever is bad, faulty, buggy, or defective......or it could be ios that has the isuse...

do a itunes factory restoral.... wipe all data and clear ios.... work now?

if not, then you know your issue is Hardware related..... call Apple for a free warranty replacement.... if your over your 1 year warantry, then its void........ pray to god you got insurance from apple or your wireles carrier.... file a $99.99 claim for a new Iphoen 4

if you failed to get iphone insurance and your wty is void, well your screwed... got $299-$499 for a new or used Iphone 4 at full price?!?!?! lol
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Invoixene : Im going to get a new sim card for my phone( o2 pay and go go go ) ( blackberry bold 9900 ) Will my blackberry bolt on still be on the phone or will i have to get a new bolt on etc - turn on my bolt ons again. please help. getting it soon!

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sageseepamb : You have to buy the BBM / bolt on service again, as it is locked to your simcard - just like calling / texting credit is.
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SwonMentsMece : Here's the link to the phone-

and heres the link to the plan (the $70 one)-
Like would it be $700 off the retail value of $799 so about $100
or would it be about $300 ?
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