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arcadeismyname : 1. Paid rent for the month, $1,150
3. Paid advertising expense, $670
8. Paid cash for supplies, $230
11. Purchased office equipment on account, $5,200
15. Paid creditors on account, $920
19. Fees earned and billed to customers, $7,200
25. Received cash from customers on account $2,380
30. Paid telephone bill for the month, $240
30. Paid wages to employees, $1,450
30. Paid dividends, $1,100

hmmm there was no beginning balance for retained earnings and it just says to get it from this?... Anyone can help me out I'm at a loss.... and I can't complete the trial balance without it.
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Exeffuemi : iphone 3g can't "slide to unlock". iphone 3g can't "slide to unlock"
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stuartfish : Did you have a cracked screen
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juniperex : I need to exchange my iPhone 5 because the power button has stopped working and it's still under warranty. Will apps and everything transfer over? Or just contacts?
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Vordsmody : im getting my iphone and i only have less than a gig of data... and i use kik messenger a lot. any help?
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Graiccaky : I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 with T-Mobile and I'm not receiving texts. And when I do receive them (which is rare) they come hours later. I've deleted every text in my phone, and even tried texting myself and it still doesn't go through. My bars usually stay between 1-2 no matter where I'm at then it goes to none. Someone help please?
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Mexteendy : well, it either you didn't pay for the text. Or you could ask someone who works there. If you don't want to do that then I suggest you to call customer service
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