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csyez013 : hey, heres the list i got, can you tell me the liabilities?

Cash in bank account
personal bank account
accounts receivable
accounts payable
personal car loan
house and lot
dance studio building (COST)
dance Studio building (current market price)
Personal Car
Mortgage on dance studio
Mortgage on house
studio Equipment
Bank loan on studio equipment
personal property

WHat would be the order for liabilities? (i got the assets)

also, there are some items that wont be on the balance sheet, what would they be? (i dont get this question, it says refer to GAAP)
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doorriels : I have an iPhone 5 and when I try to turn it to the side so the keyboard is bigger I won't work at all, I've tried restarting it but it did nothing, idk what to do so if you can tell me please do so and thanks
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plkattikizeliort : which one iphone 5 or the galaxy s4. which one iphone 5 or the galaxy s4
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flusetlegmect : Galaxy S4 =
1inch bigger screen
twice as fast
more features
better screen by miles (1080p)
better camera

iPhone 5 =
has Apple App store

pick what you want and that's ther reason. In my opinion, the Galaxy s4 is miles better, but if you need the Apple App store exlusives then get that, but the "New" 4inch screen they claim is perfect and brilliant, is clearly disproved by... Every other smartphone having at least a 4.5 inch screen.
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Promocupx : the iphone 5 is £500 and the galaxy s4 is £600 in my opinon the galaxy s4 is much better you can choose which size you want the small , normal and large ( which is massive! ) and it has a much better camera in my opinon! and its twice as fast!
but the iphone has the app store and itunes
( dont get it on contract you pay loads )

but its your choice

sophie :)
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Sleeryrub : which one iphone 5 or the galaxy s4. which one iphone 5 or the galaxy s4
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2qot54rt74o : which one iphone 5 or the galaxy s4. which one iphone 5 or the galaxy s4
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BUYINGEFFEXOR : I am due for an upgrade through ATT and currently have an Iphone 3gs. I have voicemails on my phone from my father who recently passed away and would like to make sure I can save the voicemails somehow. Either by finding a way to forward them to another phone or finding a way to get them to my computer somehow. Any ideas??
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fdrxvzh634 : i have a samsung galaxy nexus and managed to crack the screen last night. the phone still works perfectly. its still calibrated and everything but the crack seems to just get bigger and bigger. i was looking online and planning to fix the screen myself but im not sure if ill need a digitizer or just a new glass lens/screen. theres a pretty significant price difference between the two haha. i can still see everything and touching aspect of the screen works fine. any help is appreciated :)
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