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goodevry13 : I am planning to buy a home but need to buy a new car right away. I could either pay 100% cash for the car or finance it. I have a good credit score, ~790, and no debt at this point. If I finance I finance the car buy could that jeopordize my chances to qualify for a home loan?

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Teceonels : Buying something for cash is not going to do anything to your credit rating and therefore isn't going to affect your ability to get a mortgage... The only potential problem you may run into is if you can no longer afford a down payment on the house because you spent it all on the car.
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Occubrerobe : Yes and no.
Assuming you owe many payments on the car so it would reflect on how much money you can pay monthly mortgage on the house. However if you can afford both on loans then no. Quite the opposite, once you have a loan and you pay it on time every time it could actually increase your credit score.
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Immuptect : If you're right on the edge of qualifying, could hurt you, but since if you paid cash for it you'd have a lot less cash, probably wouldn't matter.
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uttentulp : We'll have 1 iPhone & 1 old-school cell phone... what is the best you've seen out there?
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momSoyday : Which one of these smart phones is better? What are each of their pros and cons? Is the iPhone worth paying $100 more since I'm buying it from eBay?
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hemeokrmer : I am an Android guy through and through........but get the iPhone.
the X2 is still stuck on android 2.3 and wont get updated
the camera is terrible
the screen is terrible

but that is what you get from a phone that is so a year older than the iPhone 4 i think.
if you are looking for a cheaper phone, check out the Verizon Galaxy is a MUCH nicer phone and its still pretty cheap, up to date on android, pretty good screen and camera.
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olgabuzova : My 3G on my iPhone 4 is being really weird. Some things work and some things don't. Instagram is loading perfectly except it won't play videos. Twitter is loading except it won't load or show any pics including profile pictures and headers. Tumblr won't load pictures but text posts work. And YouTube will let me search and find a video but it won't let me play the video. Also apps like Facebook and snap chat aren't even opening. And also a lot of my apps are saying they can't access pictures even though the access is turned on. And lastly iMessage and my voicemail aren't working. They all work perfectly with wifi. I don't know if this has any effect on the situation but the back of my phone is shattered. It's been cracked for over a month and I've never had problems until now. PLEASE HELP.
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lucestar : Hey,I have asked this question a lot of times and its always complicated,some people say I should get the Iphone5 and some say I should get the S4 and am I wanna buy one of this and I don't wanna regret getting any one of these so please which do you guys think is best and why?? I wanna get the s4 but my friends are discouraging me and saying I should get the Iphone5 please help thank you :) and some say the samsung s4 is fake please help!!! > P.S < don't wanna regret getting one of the phones thankxxxx :D
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