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arrormaginy : Hello
I am a student so i guess my parents got the one for sudents (with the lines on it and my initials)
when i get gas all i have to do is swipe the card at the pump and they do not ask me for anything. But when i went to the grocery store the machine at the checkout asked me questions i did not know so i was glad i did have cash on me.

Anybody else get this? What is it that i suppose to remember? i heard of pin numbers but what else?

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Drerkisa : You will see a prompt asking.
Do you want cash back - along with increments.
Just type NO to anything you see.
And at walmart - always check your receipt - always.
There are some cashiers out there that will type yes for you and you get charged and extra $20, $40, or $50. They keep the cash for themselves.
They can spot someone new to credit cards and take advantage.
And most kids - don't check receits before leaving the store
The Discover card is the only card I know of that allows these cash back (I'm sure there are others).
Another prompt will ask you if this is credit or debt - of course, put credit
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DupinveveSeep : The lock button on my iPhone 4S broke randomly a few hours ago, I am using the assistive touch but its a pain to have to click on that and then click device and then click lock screen everytime I want to lock my phone. I've heard that there is an app that I can just click on and it will lock my phone instead of me having to go through clicking about 3 buttons. I'm not really sure what that app is called though. If you know please let me know, it would help a lot! Or if you have any other advice on what I could do to fix the button. Thanks.
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AZAdrion : im not sure if its the same with every provider but mine broke too and i brought it to at&t and since ive had it for less than a year my warranty covered it and they gave me a new one.
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yangxh63o : there is a app like that,its only avail on jailbroke iphones.
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Jessica59 : I have an IPhone but I'm going to take out my sim and put it into my other phone will my text message be gone or deleted? If it does or might happen what precautions I could do to save the messages? It's really important.
I also want to know if I take out the sim and put it into my new phone will my (old) messages be on it?
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Audinkunwindy : SIM cards hold ONLY contacts... nothing else....

SIM cards do not affect data on the phone's internal or external memory...

if by whatever fluke of satanic powers this sim card of yours hold, and in some schizophrenic way deletes your text messages, then be smart... and... bakc up your data.... and since this is an iphone, get a smsbackup app, use icloud, or itunes...
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AbiftDrieri : No as the simcard only saves contacts while messages are saved on the phone. Hence, transferring the SIM card wont transfer messages, but contacts. Hope this helped?
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sydney778 : nothing will happen. some phones store messages on the sim but even so, taking sim card in and out wont delete anything.
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Gymnmoopamb : Hey there, so I have an iphone 4. the category "other" is taking up literally ALL MY SPACE. I've had to delete all my music, apps, only have a few pictures, not too many contacts or anything like that, yet "other" keeps eating up more and more space. it started taking up around 5gig and now it's taking up almost 6gig. it's making me hate my iphone, since there is no room for even 5 songs anymore. What could this be?
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