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TUTPeessyboms : Okay, so my car is 14 years old, won't pass inspection (Rhode Island thing) has 217,000 miles on it, needs all the cylinders replaced, a break job, two new tires, coolaint leak fixed, has a broken unclosable window. Basically this car hs seen much better days.
To fix it would be pointless, just the cyliner job alone is $600.
I need a loan, only for like $1,000 so I can get a new car. My cousin works with cars, and said if I can save a grand he'd find me something decent. Problem, I can't save money for the life of me. I'm good at paying bills, and am always on time, and responsible, but when I have extra cash it eats a hole in my pocket.
Also, if my mom knows that I have any money, she makes it hard to save too. She always needs me to buy something.
I only want a 1,000 loan, get a decent car, then pay the loan off weekly. I can get it paid off in a little over a month.
Problem is, I'm only 21, no one in my family has good credit, and I don't know anyone who could or would co sign, I also don't know anyone I could borrow the money from.
I don't know anyone with money, we aren't from a wealthy area, so don't even bother offering that as a suggestion.
All I know is I need to get this car situation figured out before I can't get to work for lack of transportation.
Does anyone know of nonscammy places to get a loan from? I know that they will charge rates and fees, but I'm talking about a place with good reviews, and no hidden fees. Like I take out a 1,000 they say if I pay it in a month I'll only own 1,300 then I turn around an owe them 1,700.

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dymnemberetub : Hello I was wondering if I can get the iPhone 5 off craigslist because my iPhone 4 just broke & my contract is not even close to be over I need 1 more year does it cost anything if I get off craigslist and activate it?
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gerceWedy : I simply don't have it in my budget to purchase a data plan. I was thinking about purchasing an unlocked iPhone on ebay. Will my sim card work?
I currently have an AT&T plan and am looking at AT&T unlocked phone.
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jepActitInjen : if its unlocked, any sim card on planet Earth will work in it! Thats the definition of being... UNLOCKED
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faitmellurfam : Yesterday one of my home theatre speakers managed to smash onto the screen of my galaxy s3, smashed the glass and the phone fell roughly 2 foot to the floor, when i picked it up the screen didn't seem to be working with any touch/power button/home button so i switched it off then went to turn it on again and its dead, theres no life in it even after leaving it on charge all night. i can accept that the phone is dead..

But why? what has killed it? just by getting the glass smashed.

is there anyway i can recover files off the phone, more importantly my 800+ photos of my trip to vegas.

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated. thanks.
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neoptetry : Hopefully you had a mini sd card in your phone which is in the back of your phone maybe behind the battery. Maybe your phone came with one
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BuyAbilifyST : You have broken either the screen display (not the glass) or internal components. Try plugging it in to a computer to get images of. If you have a pass code you can not do data transfer without unlocking the phone.
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Garypsplub : Sometimes it charges very slow takes several hours and still not fully charge. i changed battery, charger and cable non work. Sometimes it charges very well but other time it again slow down. any one can help me to solve this problem.
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