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vxperhapslh : I need ways to make money. Im in highschool. I made 300 dollars selling video games. I dont have any more games to sell. I dont want a job at publix or any supermarket that allow teens to work. I want to do a 1 time thing. Is there anything i can make and sell. Is there any anything that i can fix. Buy something thats broken fix it and sell it for higher. Is there any thing that i can buy for cheap and sell it on ebay for a little bit more cash. Help

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NenSninelix : i had a blackberry torch for a while that used a sim card and then i got my new iphone 5 but it broke so while i wait to get a new one can i just reactivate the sim card in the blackberry? or do i have to get a new one?
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jellettmictez : I found an iphone that is Att , i have Virgin Mobile... is there anyway i can use the Iphone by switchin it over to VM
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Shohabmib : no.......

1) Virgin Mobile is CDMA with CDMA iphones.... ATT is GSM with GSM iphones.. GSM and CDMA can never mix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So your answer is NO!

2) Per Apple/Carrier contract with USA based CDMA carriers Sprint/Verizon/Virgin Mobile/Altell/MEtroPCS/Cricket/etc etc etc, they cannot flash over another CDMA iphone frmo another carrier or risk loosing the ability to have the iphone contract renewed every year......... so, again...................................... your answer is NO!

GSm iphones can only work on ATT, Tmobile and Straight Talk.... and since this thing is locked to ATT, jailbreka it, unlock it, and then pop in a Tmobile sim
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mjohne : You wont be able to move it to VM because VM is a different communication standards then AT&T. If you want to stay at VM just get the iphone from VM
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Sanyenlaple : I've already Googled it and can't find an answer anywhere but there's this little light looking thing next to the camera that looks like it might be some sort of light or something?
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dsyez001 : The notification light is at the front next to the speaker
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esyez011 : The notification light is located near the speaker and you need an application to get a flash light. I recommended one from viotecc on android.
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jinlin8899 :
I found an iphone that is Att , i have Virgin Mobile... is there anyway i can use the Iphone by switchin it over to VM
Hi yes you can use iphone with virgin network only after unlocking it from AT&T network ..You can easily unlock your iphone with the help of online sites like here they unlock your iphone using remote unlocking service for affordable cost ....
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wmzejbxg : My mean is moral measures.
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