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Sopmduozlhi :

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swisasainsgam : No one is psychic.Some do well, others don't.
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NesOrestned : I am thinking of getting a iphone 3g will games like simpsons tapped out and sims freeplay work on it please?
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indiananimator : yes
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sammyywk99 : Yup , depends on how much ram you have and the amounts of ghz
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TAmbillaImmith : I have an iPhone 3GS and a few days ago I took off the screen to fix a problem I'd been having with the mute button clicking all the time. I noticed After I put the screen back on, I couldn't hear people whilst I was on the phone to them. It works if I put the phone on speaker but how do I fix the private call speaker? Thanks
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liamnigousnum : does rebooting samsung galaxy s3 erase any files. does rebooting samsung galaxy s3 erase any files
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suigicagriels : Rebooting any device does not delete any files.
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15gvhc922 : Where can I download what Kratos said in mp3?"In the end there will only be chaoos". I think It would make ????? very cool ringtone
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