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innonryness : I have a cheque I want to cash into my bank, the only problem is that I am not sure if it is possible because it is a savings account. I am 2 months off turning 18, so I can put money into the bank but to take out I need a guardian. I am with Santander if that matters.

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SedEvedomum : Yeah, if you have a cheque you can pay it in and should become available within a week depending what bank it's from :)

I'm also with santander, I'd consider looking online at accounts available to 17 years olds, because I'm 15 and my sisters 13, we both have a santander account and can withdraw and pay in money withour a parent or gaurdian there :)

I hope this helps :D
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Musicanx : I have an Iphone 4s with telus and I need help really badly! I don't want this one perosn to text me anymore, they have iMessage too and I cant find out how to block it, PLEASE HELP
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Normagree : Call the company !!?
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carliferates : Error 23: SMS Not Delivered - Sender blocked by intended recipient

Error 9883: This At&t subscriber is no longer available. User 00031 will no longer be able to receive calls/sms messages from you at this time.
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theomarttes12ezr : I can safely assume you have text-messaging service as part of your wireless service with Telus.

With that in mind, download the Telus My Account app for your iPhone 4S from the appstore. then go under the messaging services and then under 'text blocker' (or something like that), then input the number you wish to block and tap 'submit' or tap 'OK' button.

The number will then be blocked permanently until your wireless text-messaging service expires or is terminated.
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Allolacib : The volume on everything else is fine, except for talking on the phone. I put it at full volume and I can still barely hear the person on the other line. Can someone help me?

I have an iPhone 4 by the way.
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AcimbCemecach : your reciever is bad, faulty, buggy, or defective......or it could be ios that has the isuse...

do a itunes factory restoral.... wipe all data and clear ios.... work now?

if not, then you know your issue is Hardware related..... call Apple for a free warranty replacement.... if your over your 1 year warantry, then its void........ pray to god you got insurance from apple or your wireles carrier.... file a $99.99 claim for a new Iphoen 4

if you failed to get iphone insurance and your wty is void, well your screwed... got $299-$499 for a new or used Iphone 4 at full price?!?!?! lol
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Morgan714 : Somebody please help me, I just got a microSD for my phone, Galaxy S Duos Android OS V 4.0.4 but when the memory card got mounted, the "move to sd card" button is not present! As in not there sitting next to the "clear data button! Is there a way of fixing this, or should I send my phone to Samsung? I'm still on warranty anyway. PLEASE HELP ME!
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gypeDuegets : I'm thinking of going with T Mobile because they seem to have the cheapest. But I want to see who else has a good plan. Let me know if there are any hidden fees I should know about. Thank You.
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