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BuyAbilifyST : I am an engineering student living at home and I want to fix computers for people for a little bit of extra cash I do know what Im doing I have built Pc's for clients in the past but have lost my job working at PC world the only problem is getting the word out does any body know anything I could try (preferably free) that could get the word out to people local to me I am In the st helens area of the UK
Thankyou for all your input!

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asdrjh536 : Advert in a few local shops. Local paper advert. Word of mouth friends and neighbours. It's not difficult to get a few jobs. You really need to know more than just fixing computers: Wireless, Virus removal, data recovery. beginners courses. Best to do no fix, no fee and build up a good reputation. Don't charge too much or too little!
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csyez020 : Sorry but you have absolutely NO CHANCE of making any money whatsoever out of fixing PCs. The whole of UK is totally saturated with people who know how to fix their PCs or have a friend or relative who can do it for them for free. Only complete morons or those tied by the lousy warantees ever go to PC World to get their computers fixed.

You can try to offer your services for free to your local church, local school or old people's homes and if they accept then slowly you can build up a business relationship and try to charge them for your services in the future.

But to be quite honest you are more likely to see flying pigs than to make any money out of fixing PCs.
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PZmercedes : I'm looking for an app/program that will allow me to make a group chat. What I want is a central number that everyone texts, and all of the texts come through that one number. I don't want to have to go to an app to use the chat, just to set it up. How do I do this? I have a blackberry curve, but someone people in the group have iphones, and some have androids.
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jihuo1408g61 : use the Kik app.
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9ord135n : You could try kik!
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plaulvavoselt : Download zello walkie talkie and then make a private chanel For all of your friends. They must have the apps too.
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breakmotio : Nothing will work though the stock messaging app like the way you want it to work.

best bet is to download an app and go through that app. I suggest GroupMe. is a good app and I know it is cross platform for everything except Windoows Phone.
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Exeffuemi : iphone 3g can't "slide to unlock". iphone 3g can't "slide to unlock"
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stuartfish : Did you have a cracked screen
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